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Trump advisor claims women should be "handmaidens" and "submissive" to all men

It appears we truly have reached a dystopian era of horrors, folks. Straight out of 'The Handmaid's Tale.'

Trump advisor claims women should be "handmaidens" and "submissive" to all men

Right-wing pundit Clarence Mason Weaver was recently announced as a member of one of United States President Donald Trump's advisory boards. Now, we know that Trump and his present White House administration don't really do much homework when it comes to the "qualified professionals" that they hire, but they really did mess up big time with this one. In the past, Weaver has claimed that women aren't equal to men and that while they may have earned the so-called "right" to leave the home and go to work, they're damaging the very fabric of society if they choose to do so, Media Matters reports. It's no surprise that someone like that would want to be an advisor to sexist-in-chief Trump.



In a video that was just released to the public, Weaver can be heard making a statement about how women shouldn’t be "queens." Why you may ask? Well, for all the twisted reasons that you would expect. According to the right-winger, it's because "we [men] do not look for queens. Queens is hard work. We look for handmaidens, sweetheart. We look for a helpmate out here, girl. And no king is looking to share their kingdom." He later goes on to say that if a woman isn't as strong as he is - which, by the way, shouldn't be too hard - then she should at least "be quiet, and be humble, and be submissive." Hold our hair while we vomit, won't you?



But his absolutely disgusting attitude towards women doesn't end there. On his official website, he once wrote, "Women have won their 'right' to leave the home and go to work, serve in combat (no draft), serve in government and crack nearly every domain once controlled by men. So, ladies, how are your children doing? Your lack of family time, raising and nurturing them has done great harm to them." Additionally, in a video criticizing the idea that men liked educated women, Weaver said, "We don’t care how great you are at work as the co-worker. We don’t care what kind of career you have or what your college degrees are. That’s not why we marry you, woman - that’s not why we - we don’t care." And, finally, in a description of another video released earlier this year, he stated, "Men have created, maintained, and developed EVERY social improvement in our history. The current attack on masculinity, led by feminists and their weak beta male enablers, are attacking [those] very men because they hate our society. It is time for aggressive masculine men, and the women who love us, to answer."



Weaver, we may not be the women who "love you," but we sure as hell are not going to stay silent about your weak assertions and blatant misogyny. Men like you are the reason women have to "earn" the right to do just about anything in the first place. It is unbelievable that in 2019, even if it is Trump's administration, that such a man can get nominated to join an advisory board for the most powerful office of the land. Weaver, you might naively believe you are the bonafide gatekeeper of all that is available to women, but we're not just coming for you - we're coming for the gates. See you in 2020, buddy.


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