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A teddy with a recording of her late mother's voice was stolen. Ryan Reynolds saved the day.

Mara Soriano was reunited with her precious teddy bear after all of Canada, led by Reynolds himself, united to find it.

A teddy with a recording of her late mother's voice was stolen. Ryan Reynolds saved the day.
Image Source: (Top) drawmaradraw / Twitter (Bottom) VancityReynolds / Twitter

Mara Soriano is a 28-year-old storyboard artist from Vancouver, Canada. Her mother, who had passed away after a nine-year-long battle with cancer, had left her a sweet recording saying she loves her within a teddy bear. As you can imagine, what may seem like a random toy was actually far more meaningful to Soriano. She was moving house with her fiancé recently and had asked one of her friends to help them out. As she was about to unload a rented U-Haul truck, she received a call from her friend—he had gotten into an accident. Instead of continuing to move her belongings, she rushed to the hospital where her friend had been admitted after being hit by a van. She hoped her fiancé would make sure to unload everything, including the teddy bear. Unfortunately, he didn't and the bear was stolen. Thankfully, a bunch of Hollywood A-listers came to her rescue.



She explained in an interview with Bored Panda, "My fiancé and I were moving into a new apartment with the help of our two friends. We rented a U-Haul truck to bring all of our belongings over. One of our friends decided to bike over to the new apartment and meet us there. As soon as we got to the loading bay, however, we got a call that my friend was hit by a van! Of course, I started to panic, he was on his way to help us after all, so not only was I afraid that he was hurt, I also felt responsible." Therefore, she made her way to the hospital as quickly as she could. She continued, "I ran out of the U-Haul and went to see my friend immediately. I dropped everything I had and just assumed my fiancé would pick up the backpack full of important items."


But things didn't go as she expected. "Unfortunately, the backpack was in front of the U-Haul and my fiance and the other friend were in the back unloading, so he didn’t even realize that the bag was there to get," Soriano stated. "Thankfully, my friend was okay, but by the time we realized the bag was gone, it was already too late." The bag had been stolen! Instead of giving up, the storyboard artist decided to get to the bottom of the theft and bring her teddy home. Therefore, she took to Twitter to get the word out about her search. She posted a picture of the teddy bear and let everyone know all the details of where, when, and how it was stolen. She also uploaded security camera footage of the thief making it out with her precious teddy bear.


Soon enough, her story went viral. People everywhere were tweeting about her loss and sharing her posts. That's when actor Ryan Reynolds picked up on the story. Instead of scrolling past her post, he decided to get involved. He tweeted: $5,000 to anyone who returns this bear to Mara. Zero questions asked. I think we all need this bear to come home. He wasn't the only superhero to join her cause. PJ Byrne, Dan Levy, and Zach Braff also tweeted about the teddy bear. "People from all over the world have expressed their sorrow with me, and people in Vancouver have made it their personal mission to find this bear with me!" Soriano shared. "I’ve been so busy keeping up with media outlets and putting up posters that I haven’t had the time to keep my eyes constantly open for possible postings on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and I’ve had so many people who have volunteered to do that."



In addition to sharing her story, people even offered to take things a step further. She said, "So many people have offered to foot the bill for a new Build a Bear, someone was even so kind as to remaster the recording I have of my mom’s voice! It’s so wonderful and I am so humbled and grateful. I wish so badly I could tell my mom about how so many people came together so that I could be reunited with my Mamabear." Of course, she was immensely grateful for everyone's help: "I know this was in part my fault, but people have been so kind that it is honestly making me feel a bit better and I am so grateful for it. I don’t know how I could have made it through this ordeal without the outpouring of love and support from everybody. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

The story, thankfully, does not end there. After a week of frantically searching for her teddy bear, they were finally reunited. Soriano posted to Twitter: BREAK OUT THE AVIATION GUN, RYAN REYNOLDS! MAMABEAR IS HOME! She posted a photo of herself holding the bear up and grinning ear to ear. As it turned out, the bear was found and returned to her in perfect condition—no limbs or teeth missing. Folks across the internet expressed their excitement and relief. Deborah Goble of CBC TV, who was on the hunt as well, tweeted, Oh my God! I was there for the return of Mara’s bear. We all cried. Thank you Ryan Reynolds. Happy endings are always awesome.



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