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A talented seamstress transforms thrift finds into fab new outfits. Here are 15 of her best.

Caitlin Trantham prefers finding thrifted clothes and turning them into something completely modern and beautiful.

A talented seamstress transforms thrift finds into fab new outfits. Here are 15 of her best.
Image Source: caitconquers / Instagram

There are plenty of reasons to go thrift shopping. For starters, you can save a ton of money by purchasing someone's perfectly good hand-me-downs rather than buying something spanking new for dozens of more dollars. For those who are conscious about the waste they generate and just want to be nicer to planet earth (the only one we've got), thrift shopping is a way to make sure you don't contribute to the environmental and social ills of fast fashion. Finally, you can sing Macklemore's hit song Thrift Shop while walking down the aisles and feel like an absolute G. Nonetheless, you might not find exactly what you're looking for. Or worse yet, you could find a piece that you adore - but it's in the wrong size.

Instead of letting the last aspect of thrift shopping get her down, military spouse and mom-of-three Caitlin Trantham decided to use it as an opportunity. Whenever she goes thrift shopping, she finds clothing that has "good bones" and completely transforms them into something that's modern and suits her style. She's turned a wedding dress into a gorgeous evening gown and frumpy t-shirts into cute dresses. She said​ in an interview, "Not only does it obviously save money, but being able to reuse and up-cycle things is great for our environment. Beyond that, I love the thrill of the hunt! I have found some really amazing pieces along the way."

When Caitlin goes thrift shopping, she doesn't spend a penny over $10. It's amazing what she can make with a little bit of creativity and seamstressing. Here are 15 of her best creations.

1. They're actually pants!


2. Dye-ing for it


3. Cut-out heaven


4. A MAJOR transformation


5. Sunday morning picnic look


6. Ocean breeze


7. 21st century librarian, but make it cute


8. Old lady floral turned modern


9. Retro chic


10. Tropical vibes


11. True blue


12. "From mom at the park to date night"


13. Look, it's got pockets!


14. Paint the town red!


15. Major Audrey Hepburn vibes


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