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A single mom hit back at folks who judge her for taking her kid to the supermarket

MaryAnn Fausey Resendez, a single mom from McAllen, Texas, found a clever way to slam fellow shoppers who judged her for taking her daughter along on shopping trips.

A single mom hit back at folks who judge her for taking her kid to the supermarket
Image Source: MaryAnn Fausey Resendez / Facebook

These are trying times for parents. However, they are even more difficult for single parents. As if single moms and dads didn't already have it bad enough, rules about social distancing and self-isolation have made things even worse. While some families can choose to send one parent out to do the grocery shopping and other chores, most single parents have to lug their children around town if they have to get stuff done. This is already a worrisome exercise; Young children, whose immune systems are yet to develop fully, run the risk of contracting the Coronavirus and not being able to fight it off easily. When you add judgemental looks from fellow shoppers and other adults into the mix, you only brew trouble. One genius mom, however, has found a way to overcome those judgy folks who don't know how to mind their own business.


MaryAnn Fausey Resendez, a single mom, certified firefighter, and tattoo artist (woah, mama, that's a lot!), now sticks a "sign" on her daughter every time they have to go to the grocery store. The mom and daughter duo lives in McAllen, Texas, where a shelter-in-place order has been instated. Families must remain at home at all times unless performing essential activities, like visiting the hospital, going to work, or going grocery shopping. Furthermore, families are encouraged to leave family members and friends at home while performing essential activities. You can see how this would be a little bit difficult if you're a single mom with a five-year-old daughter at home. Resendez, therefore, has resorted to taking her daughter along with her when she visits the supermarket.


After noticing the dirty looks she receives from fellow shoppers, she decided to tape a sign onto her daughter's back. The sign reads, "I am only five. I can't stay [at] home alone so I have to buy groceries with mommy. Before you start judging, stay back 10 feet." Not only is this super clever, but Resendez took to Facebook in order to share her inventive solution with other single parents. Uploading a photo of her daughter wearing the sign, she wrote, "The sign I made her wear [because] I just know some dumb*ss will take a picture and talk sh*t on social media not knowing all the facts." Well, Resendez definitely knows her fellow shoppers!



For those wondering whether her daughter would be safe at the supermarket, the prepared mom also shared all the precautions that she takes when going on a shopping trip. Resendez has a 14-step process that she follows to a T every single time the pair go out to grab groceries. The process includes steps such as ensuring they have all the PPE and sanitizers ready to go, disinfecting the shopping cart, and sterilizing everything that comes in contact with their hands after the trip is over (like car door handles, credit cards, cash, and light switches). Now that's a mom who knows what she's doing.



As one would assume, her photo went viral. Since it was first posted, it has received almost 7,000 reactions and 5,400 comments. It has also been shared over 43,000 times. Facebook users flocked to the comments section of the photo in order to appreciate the mother's ingenuity. Stormy Rodriguez commented, "I absolutely agree with any mom or dad who is single taking care of their children. You can't leave small children home alone... I applaud all single parents out there. I know their struggles because I was them once." Helen Sabroche praised, "Well done, brave lady. Too many people out there with tunnel vision and unjustified judgments. Stay safe, you both." Hopefully, Resendez's post shows us to not be judgemental of other shoppers and support each other, even if just through moral support.



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