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A single dad asks his daughter for advice on what to wear to a first date, and it's so wholesome

Twitter user Saville_carliii's single father asked her for first date fashion advice. When she shared the exchange online, it went viral.

A single dad asks his daughter for advice on what to wear to a first date, and it's so wholesome
Image Source: saville_carliii / Twitter

Dating is difficult no matter who you are, but it can be particularly challenging as a single parent. This is especially true if you are getting back on the wagon after a long hiatus. Perhaps no one knows this better than Twitter user Saville_carliii's single father, who reached out to her for help with his outfit for a first date he had scheduled. By sending images of his outfit over text, the young daughter was able to help her desperate but adorable dad out. Shortly after, she shared the text exchange on the social media platform, where it went viral.


In her Twitter post, she uploaded four images. She stated, "Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits. My heart." The images were screenshots of the texts her father had sent her, as well as the advice she had given him. From choosing between two different shirts to putting a belt on, Saville_carliii had great recommendations. Most importantly, her dad seemed incredibly excited to head out on his date. In addition to his loving daughter, dozens of other Twitter users were excited for him tooโ€”soon enough, her screenshots went viral. Currently, her Twitter post has over 158,000 likes. It has also been shared over 5,500 times.

One Twitter user commented, "The sweetest thing Iโ€™ve ever seen." Others shared their experiences with their own single parents. For instance, one user wrote, "Girl same! My mom asks me for outfit advice and to straighten her hair before she goes on a date." A restaurant even offered meals on the house if Saville_carliii's dad brought a date. Unfortunately, as it turned out, her dad had been stood up by his date. His daughter replied to Kobe San Marcos, "Considering he got stood up Iโ€™m sure heโ€™ll be glad to hear it!"

Learning this definitely disappointed the thousands of Twitter users who were rooting for him. "It's 6 am and I'm genuinely crying because someone stood your dad up," one individual stated. "He was so excited. What the f*ck, I will fight her." However, some children of single mothers used this as an opportunity to set their parents up. For example, sharing a photo of her mom, Twitter user Montgomeryskye posted, "This is my mom and [me]... Sheโ€™s single and wild." Addilove14 did the same, adding, "My momma needs a man." Meanwhile, other formerly single parents offered words of wisdom: "As a divorced mom who has dated, being stood up was probably a godsend," one user posted. "If someone would do that, then better to find out early and save any heartache!"


We are yet to receive updates about the single father and whether he reached out to any of these love ladies on Twitter, but we do know he would be a total catch. Given his newly-found Twitter fame, he is sure to find someone who appreciates him soon enough. Moreover, he has the best stylist to guarantee he looks his absolute best on all the dates he is bound to go on.

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