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A resurfaced blooper from 'Sesame Street' featuring Elmo and Robin Williams is so wholesome

The actor and the muppet have a quirky little exchange, showing viewers how funny 'Sesame Street' can be, even for adults.

A resurfaced blooper from 'Sesame Street' featuring Elmo and Robin Williams is so wholesome
Cover Image Source: Sesame Street

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 8, 2022. It has since been updated. 

A resurfaced blooper from "Sesame Street" is getting everyone's attention after it was posted to Reddit by user Druule10 on the forum "Unexpected." They posted the 31-second clip, titled "Elmo just died inside," which showed Elmo calling Robin Williams the wrong name. In the 1991 episode, Williams shows the puppet how someone can use their imagination when playing with a stick. When Elmo goes to thank him, he calls him "Mr. Robins." Several users commented on how the clip made their day. Meanwhile, other users wished there were more bloopers from the children's show that they could enjoy, Newsweek reports.


In the clip, Williams appears on-screen holding a stick. Elmo then asks him what he plans to do with it. "There are lots of things you can do with a stick, Elmo," he responds. "Hey, maybe you can be playing hockey with it... Maybe it can be like a baton; there you are, conducting a full orchestra. Or, it could be a cane. Stuff like that, you know, Elmo. Just simple things." Then, the actor hands Elmo the stick, at which point he says, "Thank you, Mr. Robins."

When he recognizes the slip of tongue, Williams states, "Mr. Robins? I'm taking the stick back, Elmo!" Finally, an embarrassed little red puppet shrinks into the wooden crate he was sitting on top of. In the background, the studio audience and crew laugh their hearts out as Elmo shrinks further until all the viewers can see are his eyes.

For those who grew up with the children's show "Sesame Street," this was definitely a treat to watch. Not only did it give us insight into how fun the series could be even as adults, but it reminded us of just how wholesome Williams was.

According to a Reddit user Druule10, they shared the clip because it reminded them of the kind of man Williams was. They affirmed, "He went through so much but was always making everyone around him laugh." In the comments section, others vehemently agreed. "I found this way funnier than I should've," another user noted. "I miss Robin Williams. He was great." One user added, "Aw man, hearing Robin Williams genuinely laughing heartily is so refreshing." Meanwhile, others acknowledged how funny the clip was. For example, one user wrote, "Never knew I wanted more messed up takes from 'Sesame Street.'"


This is not the first time Elmo from "Sesame Street" has gained people's attention. His notable feud with Rocco, the pet rock belonging to fellow muppet Zoe, caused a stir on the internet. In one of the clips, Zoe refuses to let Elmo take Rocco's cookie. In response, the red muppet has quite the outburst. He exclaims in frustration, "Rocco's a rock, Zoe. Rocco won't know the difference." It's no wonder why the hilarious clip was liked by many. Nonetheless, nothing is as wholesome as Williams and Elmo's (short-lived) friendship. You can watch the adorable clip below.


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