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A pregnant woman asked if she could use the toilet at a grade school. This teacher said no.

Did this teacher make the right decision when she turned away a pregnant woman who wanted to use the washroom? Reddit thinks they did.

A pregnant woman asked if she could use the toilet at a grade school. This teacher said no.
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Sometimes we make decisions when we're unsure. Using our own moral compasses, we try to navigate tricky situations. While we try to convince ourselves we did the right thing, it's always reassuring to have someone let us know we did our best. A Reddit user was stuck in a similar conundrum and therefore took to subreddit "Am I the *sshole?" to ask fellow Redditors if they made the right choice. The user, a teacher at an elementary school, explained that they were on campus during after-school hours when a pregnant woman approached the school building's front door and asked to use the washroom. The teacher said no. Did they make the right decision? Reddit thinks they did.



The user posted, "I'm a 6th-grade teacher at a K-6 elementary school. I was working late a few days ago, and as I was ready to leave, I noticed a woman at the front door. The main office was closed, but on that day there was an afterschool program going on. Kids sign up for it and they spend three days a week after school playing in the gym, taking art lessons, learning how to code (basically whatever they want to sign up for they can do). I opened the door and asked if she was picking up a student, and she said no, and pointed to her belly and said, 'She's going to be my first one.'" Okay, innocent enough...


"I asked what she wanted, and she said she was out for a walk and has to use the bathroom," the teacher continued. "I told her I cannot allow anyone in the building for that reason. If she was picking up a kid early from the after school program, that is one thing, but I cannot let someone inside the building that has no reason to be in there. She told me she lives in the neighborhood and will only be a minute. I repeated the bit about not letting anyone in unless they have business in the school. School policy is any visitor must have an ID, must be checked into the main office, and other procedures are in place for the safety of the students. Staff/adult bathrooms are basically one stall rooms and they need a key to unlock/lock. The other bathrooms are for student use only. She asked for my name, I gave it to her, and she left."



The exchange seemed polite enough. However, the user's decision to turn the pregnant woman away weighed heavily on them. Therefore, they asked, "I feel awful. I really do. But an elementary school isn't a public place for people to walk in and wander around. It doesn't have public bathrooms. And there were a lot of other students in the building and their safety was at risk (a very low risk but its never 0)... Am I the *sshole?" And for the most part, Reddit users believed she definitely made the right decision. Many parents weighed in saying they would prefer for their children's teachers to take the same call. One user wrote, "Her being pregnant doesn’t mean she’s entitled to being let off the rules. The rules are there for a reason, good on you for following them." Another added, "You followed procedures and protocols of your employer. You did nothing wrong." Safety first, folks!


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