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This new 'plant dating' pop-up helps you match with your perfect plant

Brits got the chance to find houseplants best suited to their individual lifestyles and personalities.

This new 'plant dating' pop-up helps you match with your perfect plant
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Talk about the "perfect plant-ner!" Looking for a leafy lover but never seem to find the right match? If you're someone who struggles to find the perfect plant to bring home, this pop-up might have been right up your alley. A pop-up in London put a twist on speed dating and invited Brits to come find their perfect plants. It seems most Brits take a lot of time before deciding on what kind of houseplant they'd like to commit to and nearly one in five want a (human) partner that is equally passionate about plants.



So, the Lonely Plants Club matchmaking service took place at the Lucky Club Mayfair on October 14 and 15 to invite plant lovers to find their perfect plant match and take it home with them. The event was set up by plant inspiration site The Joy of Plants, with the help of TV’s Mr. Plant Geek, according to Somerset Live.

The idea behind the Lonely Plants Club is to match Londoners with a plant personality that matches their own! The company writes: “Is your current plantner too delicate, needy, prickly or drinking too much? Maybe they’re giving you the silent treatment, they don’t get on with your beloved pet or you’ve simply outgrown each other? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, join TV house plant guru ‘Mr Plant Geek’ and plant inspiration site The Joy of Plants this October for a free speed dating event with a difference."



Research claims that 78% of adults take their time researching and really looking into their options before committing to a new "relationship" with a houseplant. Where do they go for tips? Around 79% browse through Google while 16% turn to Instagram when looking for ideas for the perfect plant partner. Almost 21% confessed to being green with envy for those who have had successful and thriving relationships with their plants.



A spokesman from shared, “Finding a new plant love isn’t all that different to finding a new partner. It takes a lot of research, some trial and error, and a sprinkle of chemistry to find 'the one.' So, we’ve set up this plant dating pop-up to help match plant singletons with their leafy love matches. As the winter nights are beginning to draw in, and we’ll be spending more time inside, we are encouraging everyone to get 'plant-nered up.” Added Mr. Plant Geek, horticulturalist, TV presenter and host of the event, “Houseplants are a great way to experience the mood-boosting feelings you get from caring for someone – or something – else, and watching them thrive and grow as a result of the time, care, and attention you put into them.”




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