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A mom of three who gave birth while fighting COVID goes home after almost 100 days

Cierra Chub was able to go home and see her newborn after spending months hospitalized. She was cheered on by medical staff as she exited the hospital.

A mom of three who gave birth while fighting COVID goes home after almost 100 days
Image Source: Cleavon_MD / Twitter

Cierra Chubb, a mother of three, gave birth to her baby boy Myles while she was hospitalized for COVID-19. After spending nearly 100 days in the hospital without being able to meet him, she has finally been released. Chubb was hospitalized in July this year when she was about 37 weeks pregnant. She was admitted to the hospital for only two days when she had to undergo an emergency Caesarean section as her pregnancy was in distress. She delivered little Myles on July 26, two weeks before his official due date, Good Morning America reports. Both mom and son are now healthy.


"It’s been such a long time," she said in an interview with the news outlet. "Each [of my kids] came up to visit once, but it's not the same." Chubb was able to walk out of the hospital on October 27. As she exited the hospital, she was cheered on by medical staff who lined the hallways to say goodbye. She stated, "I had been there so long that I'd gotten to know the nursing staff and the respiratory specialists very well, but I wasn't expecting that there were going to be that many people invested in my wellness. It was incredible."


Chubb's condition quickly deteriorated after she gave birth to Myles, who was born healthy. She was placed on a ventilator and then an ECMO machine (a machine that is similar to the heart-lung by-pass machine used in open-heart surgery). She stayed on the ECMO machine for almost 30 days. Thus, her husband Jamal Chubb became the sole caregiver for their three children. He documented his wife's journey via TikTok. "It's just one of those things where you're living life and then all of a sudden everything feels like it's collapsing," he explained. "At first I started sharing the story on TikTok just because I wanted to update people because I kept getting a lot of text messages, and then it grew from updating to informing people on what I'm seeing with COVID firsthand and encouraging people to get vaccinated."


He added that the TikTok videos just took a life of their own; people sent in "so many prayers" from around the world. In what he described as "truly a miracle," his wife's condition began to improve over the last two months. Chubb's recovery continued at a rehabilitation center, where she was able to relearn everything from walking to writing until she was able to go home. Her husband shared, "I've been crying in the car all morning on the way up here. It is just surreal that this is the last time I'll have to make this drive and she'll be home with our family."


According to him, Chubb's last words before being admitted to the hospital were: "I'm coming back to my family." He used those words as motivation for himself. "That's the hope I held onto as you progressed," he told her. "It gave me hope every day to read it because that's what I knew you wanted to do, you wanted to come back." Chubb said she was very thankful to have him by her side. She affirmed, "Raising kids by yourself is just taxing. When you get married, you are never expecting to have to do that part on your own, it's a partnership and Jamal and I have always shared things equally. He's a very involved dad so I think this jump for him versus maybe your average guy wasn't that big, but with me being sick on top of it, has to have been exhausting to say the least. He's been a rock star the entire time."


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