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A hilarious toddler hypes up an entire restaurant. It will restore your faith in humanity.

In a viral video, little Liam hypes up the diners at a local restaurant by flexing and showing off his muscles.

A hilarious toddler hypes up an entire restaurant. It will restore your faith in humanity.
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 28, 2022. It has since been updated.


At a crowded restaurant filled with adults, the last thing you probably want to see is a loud and grumpy baby on the verge of a tantrum. Well, a loud and happy baby is a different story altogether, it appears. In a video, which was first posted to Facebook, a baby can be seen hyping up an entire restaurant by raising his arms up high. Of course, when an adorable baby instructs you to be happy, that is exactly what you do! In the video, as everyone plays along with the little one, they cannot help but laugh too, Good Morning America reports.

The video was captured when little Liam and his mother were held back at their local restaurant as a result of a heavy downpour in their area. As they waited for the rain to stop so they could get home, the baby sat atop the bar counter and decided to flex his muscles. Diners seated at the tables behind him decided to show him some love by cheering him on every time he raised his hands up high. Soon enough, all the tables at the restaurant joined in on the fun game.

Delighted by the response, Liam decided to continue showing off his muscles, receiving applause and cheers every time he did. Even the bartender and the chef at the restaurant eventually joined in on the fun. After the tough couple of years everyone has had, the experience was a way for the local community to come together and enjoy a lighter moment. However, the joy went beyond the restaurant's walls as the video went viral online. Folks across the country, and all over the world, have shared the clip thousands of times since it was first posted on the internet. Many have expressed how it brightened their day.

"Just precious," one person commented on YouTube. "May that child always be blessed for spreading such joy." Another added, "This just made my day." Others, still, commented on how adorable and sweet Liam is. Many wondered whether he knew he was a viral internet legend. One YouTube user noted, making a joke, "In his head, he's saying, 'These mere mortals are so easily amused.'" And indeed they were, as were thousands of others online. If you want to share a little giggle with the diners in the restaurant, you can check out the cute moment below.


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