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A cute dad didn't understand the tooth fairy custom, so he dressed up when his son lost a tooth

Uzi is from Israel and was not familiar with the concept of the tooth fairy, so his American wife decided to pull a prank on him.

A cute dad didn't understand the tooth fairy custom, so he dressed up when his son lost a tooth
Image Source: bobbieo / Getty Images

You may think that the concept of the tooth fairy is a universal one, but that actually is not so. When an Israeli father married to an American woman discovered that their oldest child had lost a tooth, he thought he would just wing the tradition as per his wife's instructions. Maybe he believed the custom was kind of similar to the one of Santa Claus—you dress up as Father Christmas on the big day and give your kids presents. Therefore, instead of simply sneaking money underneath his son's pillow, he was told to go big and bold. Committing to the "tradition," he donned a fairy costume in addition to giving his son some pocket money for his precious tooth.


Uzi, who is from the Middle Eastern country, got married to Michelena from the United States. They have since been living in America for 15 years. Together, they also have three amazing children. Their oldest son Avichai recently lost his first tooth. Knowing that her husband knew absolutely nothing about the tooth fairy, Michelena decided to have a little bit of fun with him. Pulling a fast one, she informed him that a parent has to dress up as the tooth fairy when their child loses a tooth, they have to retrieve it from under their pillow while they are sleeping. Uzi, being the trusting partner that he is, went ahead with the plan without question.


Of course, the sneaky wife did not want to let the opportunity go to waste. When Uzi, the loving and dedicated father, put on a fairy costume and approached his son's bed, she used the moment to record a TikTok video. As you would assume about a cute little prank like this one, the clip went viral on TikTok. Pranks on the video-sharing platform tend to be harsh and even borderline cruel sometimes, so this was definitely a welcome change of pace and intention. Michelena posted, "When you tell your foreign husband that in America, he has to dress as the tooth fairy when a kid loses a tooth!" The video now has over a million views.


In an interview with BuzzFeed News, the wife revealed that the prank was not, in fact, just a spur of the moment decision. Rather, it was a well-thought-out plan that came to her when Avichai's tooth first started getting wiggly. She explained, "It just clicked for me that I was going to have him dress up!" The couple went to the store to pick up the costume the day their oldest son lost his tooth. That very night, Uzi put it on, retrieved the lost tooth, and left his son $20. For effect, he even sprinkled some glitter around. Impressively, none of their kids woke up. At present, the wife and husband are separated from each other. However, they still like to have fun together (even if it's at the expense of a prank like this one!). "We live a life that is all about laughter," Michelena said. "So, for us, moments like this happen daily."

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