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A comedian took the government to task for their 'ineffective' stimulus check. People loved it.

Americans have been unhappy with the laissez-faire attitude the federal government seems to have towards their struggle. Comedian Vic Dibitetto hilariously voiced his concerns.

A comedian took the government to task for their 'ineffective' stimulus check. People loved it.
Image Source: Vic Dibitetto / YouTube

The United States federal government has scrambled to put into effect something that resembles a plan in order to battle the ongoing public health crisis. However, it has become evident that a $1,200 stimulus check and some small business loans (where co-opted by large multinationals) will simply not be enough. People are upset. They're frustrated. Perhaps no one is more frustrated than comedian Vic Dibitetto. The comedian, based in New York City - the worst-hit city across the country - thus uploaded a YouTube video in order to vent about his anger. Needless to say, people could deeply relate to everything he said. The video has since gone viral.



The video, aptly titled 'Ticked Off Vic: A Message to the Government,' includes a four-minute rant about how Dibitetto hates "having to tell the government what to do because they have their heads in their *sses." "Dear Government: We understand the virus is not ‘your fault.’ It happened," he states. "It is what it is. I’m not going to get into that idea that maybe you could have acted sooner. We can deal with that when this is all over. But here’s the deal... We need a real f*cking plan." As of now, the federal government's plan comprised a $2 trillion stimulus package, including a $1,200 to all American citizens.



Nonetheless, most Americans believe that the stimulus package has bailed out big businesses and left little to nothing for the average citizen. Of course, if you stop people from going to work in the promise that you will help them, people will, you know... Actually expect that help. The comedian continues, "It was the right move to make everyone stay home because that’s the only way to deal with a virus like this, but here’s where I have a problem. You told us to shut down non-essential businesses. You told us to go home and quarantine. You told us we have to keep social distance and stay inside. But you told us you would help. So where is the f*cking help?"



For the first time in the history of the United States, a whopping 22 million Americans filed for first-time unemployment insurance. This is an unprecedented number that has shown us just how broken the American economy is. Furthermore, in light of rising costs, a stimulus payment of $1,200 is basically peanuts, especially in cities with inflated rents like San Francisco and New York City. "Maybe the $1200 covers the mortgage, but what about all the other costs that we have each month? This $1200 thing isn’t doing sh*t for the normal working family," Dibitetto affirmed. "You wanna help? Here’s one idea. Tell the f*cking banks and mortgage companies to stop all mortgage payments at this time. Just stop them. And don’t give me that three-month furlough bullsh*t."


When the outbreak first hit the United States, several banks stepped forward to postpone payments on mortgages and other loans. The remaining banks were forced to postpone these payments, including student loan installments, after the federal government moved them to do so. However, individuals will still be expected to pay back these installments at a later date (and some will be subject to higher interest rates). With this in mind, the New Yorker questioned, "How does [furlough] help, you greedy c*cksuckers?" And he's right. If companies making billions of dollars a year don't have enough for a few months of stalled payments, how do we expect the average American to have saved up enough to last through the ongoing crisis? He demanded, "How come we the people have to save for a rainy day, but [these banks and lending *ssholes] save nothing?"


People are, to no surprise, loving Dibitetto's rant. Some have even called for him to run against both presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential elections. While it might be too late for that, his video may just energize our government to act on behalf of the people, you know, those folks they're supposed to serve. The comedian ended his video by telling politicians to do better, to help those struggling during the pandemic rather than the millionaires and billionaires. "Shame on you all," he stated. There could be a real plan in place... Do the right f*cking thing."



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