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A cat rescued from a trash plant has just won a government title

The cat, who will be named through a contest, is set to serve as the honorary deputy environment minister.

A cat rescued from a trash plant has just won a government title
Image Source: Ulyanovsk Region's Ministry of Environment

A cat in Russia used up one of its nine lives when it was rescued from a trash sorting facility in the city of Ulyanovsk. After the close call on the conveyor belt, the cat was even given a new career in government by the Ulyanovsk region’s Ministry of Environment. The furry friend was rescued by Mikhail Tukash, an employee at the trash sorting plant. For rescuing the cat, he was handed a letter of appreciation. Had he not stepped in to help, the cat would have likely not made it. According to the local environment minister, Gulnara Rakhmatulina, the feline is now doing much better and is well-fed, The Huffington Post reports.




As per surveillance video footage, Tukash can be seen removing the cat from a black trash bag and holding him. The security footage was posted online and soon went viral in Russia. Opening up trash bags is a regular part of Tukash's job. He is expected to open bags and check for metal. With this particular bag, however, he felt more than just a little bit of metal. "I felt something soft inside the bag," he said in an interview with a local news outlet. "I cut the bag open slightly, and I saw eyes looking back at me."




For his act of kindness, the Ministry of Environment awarded the employee with a letter of appreciation. The Ministry has also adopted the furry creature, and bestowed upon him the honorary title of deputy environment minister. There is, at present, an ongoing competition to name the cat, whose fur is black with white patches. The Ministry uploaded photos of the unnamed cat, and they show the little one already "lounging on the job." Minister Rakhmatulina used this opportunity to remind citizens that only those who are prepared to take care of pets should adopt them. The minister additionally noted that those who find themselves unable to take care of pets should do their best to either find them another home or bring them to a shelter rather than committing such acts of cruelty.




Shockingly, this was not the only cat abandoned in such a manner. Closer to home, three kittens in New Jersey were also rescued from a recycling plant. A worker at the facility, located in Burlington County, discovered the kittens stuffed into a backpack. The employee managed to save them moments before they were thrown into the "glass crusher," a machine used to break down glass objects. The three kittens made it out completely unharmed and have since been named Precious, Sunny, and Luna. They are now living in their own forever homes. One kitten was even adopted by an employee at the recycling plant.



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