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A blind man asked users in a Facebook group to describe their adorable dogs. He struck gold.

Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff, a blind man, took to a group on Facebook to ask for descriptions of dogs to brighten up his day. Fellow group members definitely delivered.

A blind man asked users in a Facebook group to describe their adorable dogs. He struck gold.

Perhaps one of the greatest sadnesses of not being able to see is being deprived of the sight of adorable dogs, wagging their tails and slobbering all over the place. Of course, blindness gives you all the more reason to pet dogs and give them some good old cuddly love, but this isn't always possible when you don't have a dog around. To work around this little setback, Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff, a blind man, had an ingenious idea. Posting on the Facebook group Dogspotting Society, wherein users from across North America upload photos of dogs and discuss all things fluffer, Stephen asked for users to send in descriptions of their dogs so he could have some of that puppy love too.


He posted last month, "I love being a member of this group! I am blind and was hoping to ask for more dog descriptions. Personality [traits] are more helpful than colors. Like how soft the dog is, for example. Bonus as always for dogs full of kisses and snuggles. Thanks for making me feel included. [I] hope no one minds me asking for descriptions a lot recently." And of course, absolutely no one minded. They just appreciated having a moment and space to gush about their lovely doggos. One user commented under his sweet ask, "Fiona is the love of my life. She was found running down the street with two broken legs. She is also very small at five pounds. The shelter could not afford the surgery for her broken legs so they called me. She has a medium coat and is also a tricolor. She has had a lot of health issues. She is a diva dog and I love her to pieces."


Another added, "My dog Uma (aka “Uma Baby Sweet Pea”) is a two-year-old black lab with extra soft ears. She is very smart and can do tasks such as: hitting the crosswalk button, picking up keys or other dropped items on command, opening doors. She loves to chew her NylaBone and play with her brother Winston, who I will highlight in another post. They often wear matching bandanas. When she gets excited, she will run around the house and jump over the back of the couch. She loves to snuggle and give tons of puppy kisses!" As you would guess, the post was one of the most popular ones in the group. 


It received over 8,000 reactions and 2,000 comments (all of the people obsessing about their beautiful, fluffy, silly, handsome dogs). It has even been shared over 154 times. After reading through all the wonderful responses, Stephen replied to the nice folks who shared descriptions about their dogs. He wrote, "All these descriptions are so lovely and I am very thankful." And that's exactly how you make somebody's day. It just goes to show that no matter what, doggos are the cure for everything.


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