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98-year-old grandma sends moving birthday card to grandson before losing her memory

She states that it might be the last card she types on a computer and it is melting everyone's hearts.

98-year-old grandma sends moving birthday card to grandson before losing her memory
Cover Image Source: Reddit/Tttoille

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 14, 2022. It has since been updated.

Our grandparents often love us in the most unconditional manner and their little gestures fill our hearts with warmth and love. Whether it is preparing our favorite dishes or giving us thoughtful presents, their tokens of affection are unmatched. A Reddit user shared a heartfelt birthday card they received from their grandmother and it is melting countless hearts online. They wrote, "My 98-year-old grandma has been making me birthday cards for years. This one is the most plain of them all, but meant the most."

The letter reads, "Happy birthday Elliott. You have blessed my life for 47 years. This will be my last time trying to write on [a] computer and doing it as [my] hands don't want to write and now memory going fast, but trying to do a birthday card for you, my dear precious Elliott. Love you so much, Grandma Rose." Even at the age of 98 and while dealing with the limitations that come with it, Grandma Rose was determined to show her grandchild just how much she loves him.

Image Source: Reddit/Rrealredhead
Image Source: Reddit/Rrealredhead

Her warm and emotional letter instantly went viral on Reddit, gathering over 164k upvotes. Several users commented that this letter is priceless and should be preserved. u/Occams_ wrote: "You get yourself an acid-free archival folder and keep that card in there and store it somewhere safe. That is priceless and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us."

Another Reddit user, kenialcaso91, added: "This is so sweet, bless you and your grandma." Responding to this comment, the original poster wrote: "Thank you so much. I've always been her 'Elly-rat' ([a] play on Elliott). She lost her husband, my 97-year-old grandpa this year. Makes me realize, especially with this card, that I will be losing her too. Both were rocks in my life." 

Image Source: Reddit/onehandedbraunlocker
Image Source: Reddit/onehandedbraunlocker

Several people took the opportunity to remember their own grandmother. u/dukercrd commented: "47 years... You are very lucky man. My grandma left me in [my] late teens. She never made any birthday cards, though I made her some, but she hugged me and lifted me across the house." Another Reddit user, u/FLlPPlNG, wrote, "If you haven't, I recommend you record your grandmother's voice. Before my grandmother passed at 99 years old, I did, and it's really a treasure of mine." 

In a similar heartwarming incident, Natalie Renee, a TikTok user, posted a wonderful video in which she can be seen singing her father's favorite song, "River" by Joni Mitchell, while he holds her hand. He attempts to sing a few lines with her even as he becomes visibly emotional and begins sobbing. Renee's father reportedly has an unusual kind of dementia and was diagnosed with ALS. Renee wrote in the caption, "Singing one of our favorites together. My dad has been having trouble speaking recently but every time we sing together he lights up and joins in as best as he can."

The video gained over 62,000 views. Renee expressed gratitude to everyone who saw the film and listened to the music. She wrote, "It's always safe to cry with me in my Lil corner so let it out if you need. Music is a powerful thing. Love is eternal." 

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