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96-year-old has adorable reaction on learning that his great-grandson is named after him

The great-grandpa was already in awe of the new addition in the family and his heart flooded with emotion after learning the little boy's name.

96-year-old has adorable reaction on learning that his great-grandson is named after him
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @kaileypblair

Parents often pick names that hold sentimental value for their kids. Be it the name of another loved one or something with a symbolic meaning, each name holds profound value. Kailey Blair d’Adesky—who goes by @kaileypblair on Instagram—had to pick a name for her son, she knew just the right sentimental one to choose. Sharing a video with a glimpse of her source of inspiration for the name, the mom was overjoyed. She recently gave birth to her son and was in the hospital bed with her infant. However, she already knew the name she picked. Kailey's grandpa was seated on one of the chairs in awe of the new addition to the family.

Image Source: Instagram|@kaileypblair
Image Source: Instagram | @kaileypblair

Other members of the family were talking with the infant and introduced him to his new great-grandpa. “This is your great-grandpa,” one of them exclaimed delightfully. The little infant had no clue being in his mother’s arms but the great-grandpa got up from his chair and as energetically as he could, with the most wholesome smile, approached the bed. He gazed lovingly at the boy and his mama and as old as he was, tried to bend down to their level to speak with them. Placed gently on the infant was his onesie and a name tag. The great-grandpa didn’t notice it, being so full in the moment.

Image Source: Instagram|@kaileypblair
Image Source: Instagram | @kaileypblair

“Read his name!” one of the family members said. The old man tried his best and bent down to read the name written on the tag. Kailey very excitedly pointed it out to him and he got closer, his smile not wavering from his face. The great-grandpa was undoubtedly full of emotions looking at the little boy and little did he know there was in for more of a surprise in store. “Decker Ray, Decker Ray!” he exclaimed as his smile got bigger. “How wonderful! How wonderful!” the great-grandpa said looking at the boy in wonder. “You know who he’s named after?” one of the members asked as their voice cracked with emotion.

Image Source: Instagram|@kaileypblair
Image Source: Instagram | @kaileypblair

“Yeah, no, I’m thrilled !” the great-grandpa exclaimed. He was so full that he too began to tear up and needed to get hold of something to compose himself. In tears, he kept staring at his granddaughter and his great-grandson. The mom reached out her hand and the old man gently took hold of it and tapped it. “I love you,” he said with tears in his eyes. “I love you too!” the mom replied. “Nobody loves me like my Dandad loves me. So honored our boy will always share a piece of him,” the mom wrote in her caption.


People were bawling in tears at the thoughtfulness and the great-grandpa’s overwhelming reaction. It was pure love unfolding between generations. @ashleyw00ds exclaimed, “This is what it’s all about! What a treasure!” @alexia_hyde wrote, “The sweetest moment.” The only words most commenters could bring themselves to say is that they were bawling in wholesome tears. @nicolesavastano added, “I’m crying. This is everything.” @claudzz commented, “I’m not crying or anything. So sweet!” @colkelly said, “Over here balling. Such a special moment for you all!”

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