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911 call reporting hair popping out of car trunk turned out to be a hilarious incident

In a humorous incident that took place in June, the Massillon police received a call from a concerned individual who suspected there might be someone trapped in the trunk of a car.

 911 call reporting hair popping out of car trunk turned out to be a hilarious incident
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Dom J

The age-old adage "Don't judge a book by its cover" extends beyond literature and can be applied to various situations, including the assumption we make about cars based on their appearance. A recent incident in June involving the Massillon police exemplifies this notion. A concerned individual contacted the police, suspecting that there might be a person trapped inside the trunk of a car. Their suspicion arose from witnessing what appeared to be hair protruding from the car's trunk, per Yahoo News.


 "I was just driving down Lincoln Way and I was behind this car and they had hair sticking out of their trunk," the caller who was driving behind the car reported to a police dispatcher. "I don't know if it was a wig or if it's like a possible person in the trunk." The car belonged to Toria Townsend. The caller identified the vehicle's make, model and license plate number.

Officers in Massillon responded to the call and discovered Townsend at her parents' house. Townsend posted a video of her encounter with a police officer. The cop stated that they received a call from someone concerned, and the officers then inquired whether Townsend was a hairstylist. The encounter resulted in the officer laughing out loud and here's why. "So there is hair hanging out of your car," the officer said. "Oh, my sweet Jesus! That's my wig!" she responded.

The officer was seen laughing off the encounter as she returned inside for a moment. She then dashed outside to inspect the wig for herself. Townsend was grateful to the officer for his calm handling of the situation. The video on Facebook garnered 65 thousand views. It was captioned, "So some police officers came to my parent's house looking for me, lol someone took a picture of my license plate and said there was a dead body in my trunk. Tell me why my wig was hanging out the trunk!!! Remind Yall I've Been Driving Everywhere, LOL. How embarrassing. Thank you to the officer who was so calm about the situation."

The comment section was filled with laughing emojis. "You had the best cop on the force to handle this hilarious call. Epic afff! Especially the way he laughed!" commented @Stephanie Gurule. "Toria I can’t with you. I can’t tell you how many times I watched this dying," wrote @Brianna Flood. "Ma’am, you got me and my mom crying watching this!!!! It’s the officer turning red dying laughing for me," added @Kayla Denise Hammond.


Toria Townsend described June 22 as a hectic day. She was running late for her hair appointment, so she removed her wig, tossed it in her trunk, and slammed it shut. Townsend said she did not think much of it, even though she received dirty looks the entire drive from Akron to her home in Massillon. "I was in such a rush that day I forgot about my wig and didn't pay attention to where it landed," Townsend shared with Cleveland19. "Usually you see a not good outcome when it comes to a person of color and an officer," Townsend added, "When you finally see something good (started from this situation) it's funny." Townsend said she's glad Ohio's cops were called because it demonstrated how much the community cares.

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