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90-year-old store worker insists on continuing to work, raises over $221,200 for charity

Alan Wrigley's generosity is an example for us. He has revealed that he is 'keen on working' and wants to continue to help others.

90-year-old store worker insists on continuing to work, raises over $221,200 for charity
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@OldhamCouncil

Doing good and spreading kindness are much needed in today’s world. In our fast-paced lifestyle, it gets tough to combine doing good with our everyday hustles. However, Alan Wrigley showed that there is no stopping when it comes to being kind. The 90-year-old working at B&Q, a DIY store, recently spoke in an interview with BBC Radio Manchester on what inspires him to go on even at 90. Alan has been working at the store for over 20 years and has been one of the most loving and kind employees around. However, he has done more than warm greetings and offering help. 

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In his interview, Alan had quite a wholesome conversation with BBC Radio Manchester. When asked about his job, he cheerfully replied, "I like to come in - I have something to get up to and come. I'm the only one left that greets and meets people… because I think I do a good job." The interview also had a mention of his son's demise, after which he began fundraising for various charities. The DIY store is something Alan looks forward to. He described his experience by saying, "There are over 100 bays here but I know where everything is in the store. I love working here and meeting everybody." He believes he has assisted thousands of customers and is in high spirits for more. 



In the 20 years that he dedicated to the store, Alan raised over $221,200 towards charity and he does not intend to stop. When asked about retirement, he responded that he was "keen to carry on." On his 90th birthday celebration week, the mayor of Oldham, Zahid Chauhan paid Alan a surprise visit at the store to personally appreciate and award him. The mayor had a heart-touching conversation with him and said, "This is a perfect example where you've proven your worth, you've proven that you can be valuable, proven that age doesn't stop you from doing things." Alan received a certificate and an award from the mayor and what followed was only love. 



Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice, one of the charities funded by 90-year-old Alan, tweeted a picture of Alan with the caption, “Congratulations Alan Wrigley who was recently awarded the British Empire Medal at the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace! Alan has been collecting funds for over 20 years for local charities and has raised over $221,200 in total. Well done, thanks for everything you do!” Alan’s generosity is an example for us all that neither age, profession nor any circumstance can stop you from being kind and doing good in the simplest ways. 



As per the interview, Alan had also funded wheelchairs for around eight children's trips to Disneyland. There is so much more that Alan has accomplished in the last 20 years. He rightfully deserves all the love and appreciation he has received. Additionally, he has been nominated for BBC Radio Manchester’s ‘Make a Difference’ Award. Alan created a purpose, leaving behind all his obstacles. He focused on simply doing what he loved and through that, found a way to help many! 


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