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9-year-old writes a heartwarming entry for her cousin in the diary he gifted: 'He is so kind'

She was extremely happy when her cousin gifted her a diary and decided to write her first entry describing him.

9-year-old writes a heartwarming entry for her cousin in the diary he gifted: 'He is so kind'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Olia Danilevich; Reddit | u/kattardoge

Kids are refreshingly honest about their opinions. They often don't care what others think and bravely speak their minds. This 9-year-old is no different—when her cousin gifted her a diary, she wrote her first entry thanking him for his sweet gesture. The cousin, u/kattardoge, posted a picture of the entry on Reddit. It is captioned, "Gifted my 9-year-old cousin a diary. This is her first entry." People on the platform loved her handwriting and adored her innocent thoughts.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The child dated the entry, "May 9th, Thursday, 2024." It reads, "Dear... bought me this. This is how you got me. He is so kind and honest and young and he gives me and my little sister toys every time he comes. And he is talented and smart. He is the most handsome and helpful." She ends by writing, "He has one tooth I really love it." This diary entry shows just how much the child adores her cousin and how much he loves her in return.

Image Source: Reddit | u/kattardoge
Image Source: Reddit | u/kattardoge

Reddit users poured their thoughts in the comments section. u/Temporary_Wind9428 commented, "She showed it to him to butter him up and keep the gifts coming. High EQ." u/LeopardAsleep expressed, "I love little kid talk. So pure. Side note: a couple days ago my 5-year-old son came home from the book fair telling me they sell 'diarrhea' at the book fair. Took me a minute…I died." u/darkkitten1984 shared, "That's really sweet of her! She's a sweetheart." u/HumungousChungus_ said, "A 9-year-old has better handwriting than me. Very impressive." Many in the comments also wanted to see the one tooth that the child mentioned. u/muffinbouffant wrote, "Take care of that child. And your show tooth." u/VeloSansRoues said, "I want to see your teeth now!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/curllyhairedcutie
Image Source: Reddit | u/curllyhairedcutie

Diary entries are often personal and offer a unique view into the soul of a person. Reddit user, u/vintagepop, shared a picture of her diary entry from 2015. She captioned the post, "My diary from when I was 11 (2015). I miss being this happy and excited about life." The diary entry read, "I love my school so much! My official new best friend is Libby, and we have so much in common. I also joined the orchestra and chose violin. My other friends are Gabrielle, Ashley, Alexis, Bonnie, Mya and Keira." She also wrote that she and Libby sit with each other during homeroom. Though it sounded like the girl was enjoying her school days, she was disappointed with the homework, bus rides, and detention.

She mentioned that she broke up with her school friend, Alexandria. She drew a doodle to give a better picture of how it happened. She decided to block her friend after she kept sending her voicemails and kept calling her to make her feel guilty. She added, "After finally pressing the block button, it felt like a huge weight on my back had been lifted." After that, the girl wrote a few tips on finding a true friend for her future self. She wrote things like, "Being mean to your friends," "Getting made if you talk or hang out with someone else," "They tease you when you say stop, they don't listen," and many more. These tips are good advice for many people.

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