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87-year-old woman guarded against a dangerous intruder by offering him snacks

The elderly kept her calm and decided to distract the teen intruder by offering him snacks and calling the police in the meantime.

87-year-old woman guarded against a dangerous intruder by offering him snacks
Cover Image Source: Youtube | News Center Maine

A young man broke into an elderly woman's house and what she did next will surprise you. She did not get scared and lose her calm but came up with an effective idea to distract him. This incident took place in her home in Brunswick, Maine. She kept the intruder busy by offering him snacks and in the meanwhile, called the police. The 87-year-old woman told CNN, as she woke up in the middle of the night on July 26, she saw a man standing “by my bed, no shirt on, and it was dark, and he said, ‘I’m going to cut you'.” She added that she jumped off her bed and covered herself with the help of a chair, as per CNN.

“He kept knocking me against the wall, he put a bruise on my forehead and one on my cheek,” Perkins said. He continued to do the same till “he got tired of that,” then she followed this man and he was not wearing any pants, shoes, or a shirt and she told him to leave the house. This man spoke to Perkins and told her that he was hungry. “He stopped in the kitchen by the sink and said he was very hungry, and he hadn’t had anything to eat in a long time,” Perkins said.

She gave him a “box of peanut butter and honey crackers” and tangerines and other snacks. “That was to keep him busy, what do you think? I taught school (for) 35 years,” Perkins said. As he ate the snacks, she called 911 for help. After eating, he started putting his pants on in an attempt to leave. But he left his shirt, shoes, and even a knife in the house. This intruder was not even a stranger to Perkins, she knows his family as a kid and he had even mowed her lawn for her. The police have released a statement but have not disclosed the name of the intruder and have not named Perkins, as well.

Police also revealed that he did not carry a knife when he entered Perkins' room at  2 a.m. on July 26, adding how it was“left with his belongings in another room.” The release added that she was unharmed in this incident and that the intruder had left her house on foot. The police say it has matched a juvenile resident from the area that matches the description of this man. He has been taken into custody and transferred to a youth development center. He is being charged with burglary, criminal threatening, assault, and a civil infraction: minor consuming liquor. Any other detail has not been provided by the Maine court officials as the suspect is a minor. 

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