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86-year-old man shows young bodybuilder how to flex in heartwarming moment of camaraderie

'Once he told me his age my reaction was '[to be honest] he didn’t look a day over 50 years old to me...,'' Oaks captioned the video.

86-year-old man shows young bodybuilder how to flex in heartwarming moment of camaraderie
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@boaksfit

One man has rightly proven that age is just a number with his fitness. An older man struck up a heartwarming camaraderie with a young man at the gym and showed him how to flex in the mirror. The 22-year-old bodybuilder was stunned upon learning that his new friend was 86 years old and still looked super fit. A video of their interaction was shared on Instagram by Blake Oaks.

It shows the older man entering the bathroom while Oaks is flexing and filming himself. He apologizes for interrupting his video but later tells Oaks, "Come on," while flexing himself and repeating, "Come on." Oaks asks him if he wants to flex now and laughs. Seeing the elderly man's muscles, the bodybuilder says, "You look good." The senior then asks Oaks his age before proudly revealing that he is 86. Oaks responds, "No, you're not. You don't look a day over 45. Get out of her. You look good. You look awesome."

Image Source: Instagram/ @boaksfit
Image Source: Instagram/ @boaksfit

The video went viral with about 2.1 million views and 449k. It is captioned, "Met this jacked older gentleman in the bathroom after my lift. While I was taking a video, he came to comb his hair. After combing his hair, he asked to do a double bi-flex in the mirror and once he told me his age, my reaction was (shock emoji) [to be honest] he didn't look a day over 50 years old to me, plus he out angled [the f**k] outta me...This gentleman is a great example to take care of your body throughout your life. I hope to look like him when I am his age."

Image Source: Instagram/ @boaksfit
Image Source: Instagram/ @boaksfit

People on social media were excited to see this man's fitness level. @themarcmartinez commented, "We need more of this energy in today's world." @caleb_kovacs wrote, "Dang bro looks really good for 86 I would have  guessed like 60 something." @nhagini expressed, "He looked at you like as if you were his younger version." @nupuurpatil shared, "That guy is goals." @atomzero29 said, "You better make it your life goal to look THAT good at 86!" 

Image Source: Instagram/@boaksfit
Image Source: Instagram/@boaksfit


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Older people staying fit and having a positive outlook on life can be very inspiring. Jean Bailey, a 102-year-old woman, is another such person. She teaches a fitness class four times a week and has been doing it for the last three years. She lives in the Elk Ridge Village Senior Living in Omaha in the independent-living quarters. Many of her clients have arthritis that restricts their mobility, but they are able to do stretching exercises and derive benefits from them, said Bailey. However, she is strict and is often called mean for this reason. "The girls seem to realize what I'm going to do for them," she said. "It's for me, too."


It all started in 2020 when the pandemic made people isolate themselves and she started exercise classes. She was focused on staying active and wanted to motivate people. She asked people to bring chairs into the hallway and wanted them to do simple exercises. She felt that one must keep their mind and body busy. Everyone enjoyed the time and she kept continuing the classes. Now that's dedication.

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