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85-year-old man who just finished his 600th marathon run is inspiring others: 'It is my joy'

'Runners don't have a finish line. We just keep going. It felt exuberant,' said Lee Minor.

85-year-old man who just finished his 600th marathon run is inspiring others: 'It is my joy'
Cover Image Source: Youtube | KMBC 9

Age is truly just a number if our hearts are young. This 85-year-old marathon runner finished his 600th race. This time, it was with his family. With 32 members of his family by his side, Lee Minor had the time of his life. While speaking to Good Morning America, he said, "Runners don't have a finish line. We just keep going. It felt exuberant, I had 32 members of my family that run with me. It was so jubilant. I am a retired psychologist, and I have worked alone a lot and I have traveled a great deal."



He continued, "Having an opportunity to run with family was so exhilarating to me. I enjoy having the chance to just think and listen to music in my head." He concluded, "And I love the camaraderie of running." In the video, Minor can also be seen filled with joy as he finishes the 600th race of his life. He runs at William Jewels, three days a week. He has running at William Jewels since 1969. His heart is filled with passion for running.


He also told KMBC 9, "I like to run in all kinds of weather. It is so childish as the rain touches your face. And I love to come here after snow and you watch your footprints as you go along." He also added, "It is important for me to let you know, my legacy will be how slow I am. In the last race, I came second out of five in the 80 and over. But I cannot compete with those whipper snappers anymore."

He also revealed that he has been to Spain and had a great run around a castle. When asked why he enjoys running, he said, "I do it a lot for health. But I really enjoy it. It is my joy. I love this life. And I want to live as long as I can. And I mean live, not exist."

It is all about keeping our minds active and hearts warm. Another story about Ron Robert, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease is truly inspiring for everyone as well. He decided to pursue a course to keep his mind active. And last fall, he graduated from the university, according to CTV News.

"I was always taught early in life that the brain is like the most powerful instrument we have in our body," said Robert. So he took a three-year bachelor of arts program at King's University College in London, Ontario. He had immense support from his teachers and peers when he walked across the stage in October for his convocation ceremony. "When I went across the stage, and as I'm getting my diploma, the kids all stood up and yelled and clapped," he recalled. "I had to hold back the tears. It was something else, just wonderful."



Before the ceremony, while talking about receiving the diploma, he told CTV News that it gives a lot of people hope they can live a good life with this illness. "There will come a time when I won't be able to, and I fully expect that. But in the meantime, I'm living a full life.”

These men are truly teaching us how to live a full life!

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