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84-year-old woman stands at street corner every day to give air hugs and blow kisses to strangers

Day after day, Helen Jusic returns to her spot where she waves, blows kisses and gives air hugs to strangers who drive by.

84-year-old woman stands at street corner every day to give air hugs and blow kisses to strangers
Image Source: Instagram/Kerry Bennett

An elderly woman from Calgary, Canada, stands at the street corner of her Bridgeland neighborhood to spread cheer and joy every day. At a time like this, when the whole world could use a lot of love and support, 84-year-old Helen Jusic is doing her part in keeping the spirits high. Day after day she returns to her spot where she waves, blows kisses and gives air hugs to strangers driving by. The pandemic forced everyone indoors and away from each other. Keeping in mind these safety guidelines, Jusic set out to find a way to reconnect with the world again.



“I felt like a bird in a cage," Jusic told Global News, "and I thought, ‘What am I going to do?'” As a people person, the elderly lady felt lonely and isolated at home. One day when she was walking past the intersection, she waved at a bus driver who waved back at her. She then waved at people in a passing vehicle who waved back too. So, Jusic decided to take one hour out of her day to spread joy to the neighborhood. She stands at the street corner and offers kind words to countless strangers, waves at other passersby, tells them she loves them, and even offers remote hugs and blows kisses for them.

This simple act of kindness has not only helped her but has brightened the days of others too. One Calgary resident recently uploaded a video of Jusic at the street corner waving and blowing kisses. Kerry Bennett wrote in the post: "Calgary feel-good story of the day. This lady stands on the corner every day in Bridgeland and waves and blows kisses and gives mock hugs to everyone who is driving by. So heartwarming! I'm going to take her flowers." Her kind gesture touched the hearts of many. One person commented, "How incredibly fantastic. What a good human being. Can you imagine a world filled with people who think like her?"


Speaking to CTV News, Bennett said, "I felt like I was getting a hug that I'd really been missing for a year kind of thing. She's really brightened my world." Another Instagram user who saw the video wrote, "Soooo sweet. Where and when does this lady do this? My mum lives in Calgary I want her to drive past and feel the love." Eileen March is also a recipient of Jusic's cheer and sees her every evening when she goes to work right down the street. “To me, it’s a ray of sunshine in what’s been a tough year, so it’s just a joy to see her out there every day,” March stated.



“I never dreamed something like this would happen," Jusic, who has lived in Calgary for nearly 35 years, noted. "When I was young, I was introverted and shy and somehow I survived, and now I can’t believe that’s me,” Jusic said. “I can just cry, the goodness. I have to thank God. Only God can arrange something like that.” She cheekily added, “I didn’t realize it would be so meaningful. It spread like a virus.” The video has made rounds on the internet and Jusic has been receiving love from all over the world. She received flowers from people who live in Florida as well as from her admirers in Brazil. She even received a silk scarf and a thank-you note for her kind-hearted gesture.


Among the many gifts she has received, Jusic says one of the notes she has received is the most memorable. It was an anonymous note from a frontline healthcare worker dealing with the death from the pandemic every single day. "I use the drive home to clear my mind and my heart from all the heaviness before I come home to my family's needs and wants," the letter read, only signed 'Your Neighbour'. "Your beautiful act of kindness keeps us all be present in the moment and makes us smile." 



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