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8-year-old dancer becomes inernet senation after busting sassy moves during school's winter concert

"I love dancing. It's in my blood. I just want to make them happy and wonderful." Jaden said

8-year-old dancer becomes inernet senation after busting sassy moves during school's winter concert
Cover Image Source: Youtube / ABC7 News Bay Area

This holiday season, a South Bay kid is spreading a lot of Christmas happiness after a video of his holiday performance went viral. Jaden Williams stated that his objective was to make the audience laugh and enjoy themselves. That's precisely what the eight-year-old did. Jaden began dancing when he was two years old. He can't seem to stop himself from dancing these days when he hears music. Jaden's parents claimed he spent a whole year taking dancing classes and is always dancing. A classmate's mother shared a video of a recent performance on Instagram, which has received over 600,000 likes. The video shows Jaden Williams tearing up the stage at his elementary school's winter concert in Menlo Park, upstaging his classmates.

"I feel it come into my body and just want to dance and all that stuff," Jaden said of his performance. "I love dancing. It's in my blood. I just want to make them happy and wonderful." reports NBC Bay Area. Although Jaden Williams has a quiet voice, he is anything but shy and immediately busted a move for the cameras. Just before the start of the winter break, Jaden performed at the concert that has since gone viral for his dance routines. Jaden said he couldn't wait for the show. "I was so excited to do that," Jaden said of the concert. "I would tell Miss Harrington, my music teacher, 'When is the concert going to start?' I was so happy." He and his family were surprised when news of their joy appeared on the Instagram feeds of thousands of users. "His classmate's mother actually posted it on her Instagram and it kind of took off, and she had tagged tag my wife to it," said Kirk Williams, Jaden's father. "It just started going viral from there", according to abc7.



"I just started dancing," Jaden said. "I was feeling the vibe." Jaden appears to find joy and delight in almost every activity he engages in, from his artwork to playing and watching sports. However, Jaden's father claims that his son's dance ability and presence have been there for almost his entire eight-year life. "He's been like that since he started walking, and we got to have a lot of parties here at the house, always a lot of music going on," Kirk said. "Everywhere we go - friends' houses, parties, weddings - he's always grabbed the center of attention." 

Instagram / Ashley Nicole Williams
Instagram / Ashley Nicole Williams



As per Spam Chronicles, But, Jaden's dance antics drew criticism from some viewers, who accused him of being "disrespectful" and "stealing the show" from his peers. “I’ve read the comments and for those who think Jaden is being selfish or disrespectful to his classmates, you don’t know Jaden,” said Jaden’s mother, Yanira Williams. Yanira Williams, who described her son as a "good soul," claimed he did not try to be selfish or rude by breaking out his dancing routines during the music. Thousands of people have commented on the video, praising Jaden's moves. “He has a kind soul, full of joy and hugs all his classmates every day at school. His personality is big, which like his father is an understatement; Church! I wish you all happy holidays and lots of love!’



Despite his talent for entertainment and passion for dancing, Jaden aspires to be a professional football player and wishes to meet his favorite 49ers players, Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel. The mother even hash-tagged the popular video "dance machine" and the San Francisco 49ers, a football team whose insignia was visible on Jaden's clothing. Intriguingly, the football squad was drawn to the viral video and commented under the video saying, "Ok, Jaden. We see you!"

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