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8-year-old abducted along with her little sibling during carjacking devised a clever plan to escape danger

The 8-year-old and her little sister were stuck with a thief in their car. But the big sister used her quick thinking to get out of the situation.

8-year-old abducted along with her little sibling during carjacking devised a clever plan to escape danger
Cover Image Source: YouTube | ABC News

It's terrifying when someone has their sense of safety pulled out from underneath them, but that's exactly what happened with Adam Jorgenson and his daughters at a Kwik Trip in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. One moment, they were enjoying each other's company and at the next instant, a carjacker was rushing away with the two kids, as reported by ABC WISN. The father was sent into a frenzy, seeing everything unfold before him. For his daughters, he composed himself and contacted his wife and authorities. The daughters were also extremely stressed, but their presence of mind after being abducted proved helpful.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

Jorgenson and his two daughters, Charley, 8, and Autumn, 2, went to Kwik Trip for a car wash. He was with his daughters throughout and only stepped out to dry the car. At this point, he was approached by another man in his car, asking for directions. While the father was conversing with the man, his partner in crime jumped into Jorgensen's car stealthily and took off. "That's when I heard the tires on our vehicle screech and I turned around and the car was racing out of the parking lot," Jorgenson said. He did not care about the car one bit. The thing that scared him the most was that his daughters were still inside. He calmed himself down and called his wife and authorities. "Immediately, I'm freaking out, just thinking worst case scenario. I'm never going to see my kids again," said Brittany Jorgenson, the girls' mother.

The girls were scared out of their minds, especially 8-year-old Charley Jorgenson. In that situation, she was the elder one and felt the responsibility of keeping both of them protected. After driving a bit, the thief finally noticed the sisters and began threatening them. "He noticed that I was in the car and said, 'Get out.' But then I said, what about my sister? What am I going to do about her?" Charley said. Seeing the situation deteriorate so quickly, Charley began to look for ways out and noticed her dad's phone, which was left behind in the car. She immediately created a plan. "So then I was like, when he's gone, I can just call the phone and tell Mom," Charley said.

The thief decided to leave the car and ran away. Charley took her chance and called Brittany. "Mom, I need you. We lost dad," she said in a voicemail message. The mother asked them to remain calm and wait for the police. The parents used the "Find My" iPhone app to help police in their search operations and finally reached their kids. "I got out of the police car and I ran as fast as I could up to my car where my girls were in the backseat," Adam Jorgenson said. They were glad the children came out of the situation without any injuries. "Things can happen in a matter of seconds and you're never guaranteed a happy ending. But thankfully for us, it's a happy ending," Brittany Jorgenson said. The police are investigating the case.


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