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75-year-old homeless woman's gesture turns her life upside down thanks to social media

When the woman was destitute, she gladly helped a stranger but did not expect to receive payback.

75-year-old homeless woman's gesture turns her life upside down thanks to social media
Cover Image Source: YouTube | @ABC7

Those who have faced life's toughest challenges often understand the importance of timely help. While many might hesitate, Linda Witt-King, a 75-year-old homeless woman from Costa Mesa, California, didn't think twice when a stranger asked her for food. Her act of kindness went viral on TikTok, transforming her life in ways she never expected, reports ABC 7.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mart Productions
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mart Productions

In March, popular TikTok influencer Jimmy Darts (@jimmydarts) met Witt-King and asked if she had any food to spare, mentioning he was "really hungry." Despite her own situation, she shared what little food she had and offered more for later. Moved by her generosity, Darts revealed he was giving $1000 to the first person who helped him. "I can go to a motel tonight instead of sleeping in my tent," Witt-King said tearfully, also expressing her wish to help other homeless people.

@jimmydarts “I can go to a motel tonight instead of sleeping in my tent” 🥹❤️ (GoFundMe 1N B10) #food #hungry #homeless #kindness #love ♬ original sound - Jimmy Darts


But the story didn't end there. Darts started a GoFundMe campaign for Witt-King, and thanks to his massive TikTok following, donations poured in. A few days later, he informed her that $32,000 had been raised. Witt-King immediately thought of buying a van to use as both a home and a mode of transport. "I can work. I can take care of myself. I can be mobile," she said excitedly.


Linda is no longer homeless 🥹❤️

♬ original sound - Jimmy Darts


In May, Darts shared an update: over $44,000 had been raised, enabling Witt-King to get her own place and the van she dreamed of. "Linda is no longer homeless," Darts captioned. Witt-King proudly showed off her transformation, saying, "the only word I can think of, but it's not big enough, is humbled that I am in this group that you have helped." She has come a long way from homelessness to starting a new life.

"The cool thing about Linda is when she helped me, it wasn't the very first time she decided to help someone. These people have been living a lifestyle of kindness and just in that one moment, they get caught in the act and become the hero of the video," Darts told the news channel. With a roof above her head and a van, Witt-King is quite optimistic about getting back on her feet. "My life has completely changed. There's nothing, hardly anything left from the old life," the excited 75-year-old said. Hoping to pioneer the Gracious Nomad Academy, Witt-King aims to address homelessness in Orange County. 


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