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72-year-old shares 32 life lessons to help young people figure out their journey

Age gives wisdom and this man is sharing all the life lessons he has learned for the younger generation to follow through.

72-year-old shares 32 life lessons to help young people figure out their journey
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Jane Pham; Reddit | u/DaCmanLou

With age comes wisdom, born from the myriad experiences life throws our way. Thus, the elderly often hold keys to solving life's puzzles. A 72-year-old man, Louie Bernstein, shared on Reddit (u/DaCmanLou) 32 things he has learned in his lifetime and anyone can learn from these wise lessons. Captioning his post, "I turned 72 today," he has received gratitude for his shared wisdom.

Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

Bernstein started the post by writing, "Here are 32 things I've learned that I hope to help you in your journey." After that, he lists down all the things. "It's usually better to be nice than right," "Nothing worthwhile comes easy, work on a passion project even just 30 minutes a day it compounds," and "Become a lifelong learner (best tip)," "Working from 7 am to 7 pm isn't productive. It's guilt," are some of the things Bernstein mentions in his post.

He continues to add, "To be really successful, become useful," "Envy is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die," "Don't hold onto your 'great idea' until it's too late," "People aren't thinking about you as much as you think," "Being grateful is a cheatsheet for happiness," "Choose your own path or someone will choose it for you," and "Never say, I'll never...," shared the man.

The things he wrote are some of the best life lessons anyone could get. "Be the first one to smile," "The expense of something special is forgotten quickly. The experience lasts a lifetime. Do it," "Who you become is more important than what you accomplish," "Nobody gets to their death bed and says, I'm sorry for trying so many things," and "There are always going to be obstacles in your life. Especially if you go after big things," wrote the person.

Bernstein wrote in his bio about himself, "I post about sales training (50 years in the trenches and motivational videos (each Sunday) on being healthy - physically and mentally." His lessons from life also include, "Do spend 12 minutes a day in quiet reflection, meditation, or prayer," and "Try new things. If it doesn't work out, stop. At least you tried," "Never criticize, blame or complain," "You can't control everything. Focus on what you can control," and "One hand washes the other and together they get clean. Help someone else." He concluded by saying, "If you're lucky enough to get up to my age, the view becomes more clear. It may seem like nothing good is happening to you or just the opposite. Both will probably change over time."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Bright_Pomelo_8561
Image Source: Reddit | u/Bright_Pomelo_8561
Image Source: Reddit | u/OscarOrr
Image Source: Reddit | u/OscarOrr

He also asked people to add something that they know to be true and people had some interesting responses. u/MissSassifras commented, "At 47, I've learned that being kind is a bit of a superpower. It's always good to make someone else feel seen and heard." u/Scribbler-101wrote, "Choose your peace no matter how difficult it is or how much courage it requires." u/esther_figglesworth shared, "Learning to say no is very important. If you won't take care of your boundaries and serenity nobody will." u/spicyrhino69 said, "Thanks Louie! Really good advice. One thing I try to do at least once a day is giving someone a compliment. You never know who's going to need it!"

You can subscribe to Louie Bernstein's YouTube channel and follow him on LinkedIn.

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