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7-year-old fights bullies by making inspirational videos to help other kids navigate tough situations

Rowyn Montgomery has been speaking on various topics including coronavirus, anxiety, and bullying.

7-year-old fights bullies by making inspirational videos to help other kids navigate tough situations
Image source: YouTube

Rowyn Montgomery is just 7-years-old but he's inspiring others with his wise words that are way beyond his age. Montgomery was bullied in school but he's using his experience to help other kids navigate tough situations in school and life. The 7-year-old hails from Tiverton, Rhode Island, is now making motivational videos for his classmates and even adults are inspired by his words, lauding praise on the kid. “Everybody’s different and everyone is good in their own ways,” said Montgomery. “Believing in yourself is always the right thing to do.” Montgomery regularly posts inspirational videos and they are going viral. He's hoping he can inspire others to express themselves without fear and says that's one of the best ways to fight bullies. 



“When I make videos, it makes me feel happy that other people can watch them and feel happy,” said Montgomery, reported ABC6. “If they’re getting picked on or if they’re shy or something, they can watch the videos.” He started making videos after he was bullied at school and wanted to use his experience to help others who could possibly face a similar situation. Montgomery opened up about what he through in the hope of giving others strength and letting them know that they weren't alone. “I have a unibrow and I used to be picked on because of it. But, I don’t care because I’m myself!” said Montgomery, in one of the videos. “With bullies, it doesn’t matter what they think about you, it matters what you think about yourself and it’s good to embrace yourself and tell other people who you are.”

YouTube/Rollin' with Rowyn


It was his mother who guided him when he was bullied at school. "We just kind of talked about how you need to embrace yourself and how it’s not important what other people think of you," said Rowyn’s mom, Michelle Montgomery, reported Good Morning America. "It’s important to just be yourself and he really took that to heart. He really wanted to do videos after we talked about that." Rowyn is currently about to start second grade. 



His mother now helps him film and upload videos online. He posts on various topics on his YouTube channel including coronavirus, back-to-school nerves, anxiety, and more. “Some people have anxiety and stuff especially with this bad virus going on. It’s like a tornado that’s going to right through your house!” said Montgomery. He also inspired them about school and their grades. “Believe in yourself that you can get through second grade and other grades! God knows how many other grades there’s going to be!” said Montgomery in another video.



Rowyn's mom, Michelle Montgomery, believes he's wise beyond his years. "He's so funny. He's an old soul. You can talk to him about such deep things," said Michelle Montgomery, reported FUN 107. Michelle works in the field of behavioral health and is hoping Rowyn becomes a counselor so he can continue helping and inspiring others. You can follow his videos at Rollin' with Rowyn. 


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