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7-year-old girl comes up with wholesome idea to make her best friend's 100th birthday extra special

Where there is love, connection and friendship, age plays no role and this story is proof of that emotion.

7-year-old girl comes up with wholesome idea to make her best friend's 100th birthday extra special
Cover Image Source: YouTube | 6abc Philadelphia

Have you ever had friends who are very different from you? They could be different concerning their vibes or choices or personalities or even ages - but they're different than you. Yet somehow, you all just click together. That's exactly what the friendship between a 7-year-old girl and 100-year-old shows us. Their friendship is as wonderful as it is unique - but we promise you two things. One, you will come to see the beauty in their relationship and two, there is more history in their friendship than you can imagine. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production

In a quaint town of Pennsylvania, Bucks County, a man who had endured the tide of time stood tall as he officially became a centenarian, reported 6abc Philadelphia. But the best part about Joe Gagliardi's birthday wasn't the fact that he turned 100 - it was his best friend who came up with a wholesome idea to make his birthday extra special. Layla Leuthy Peck, a 7-year-old girl, wanted to make her friend's important day extra special and she did so in the most wonderful way. 

In fact, Layla did something very cool to surprise her best friend Gagliardi. She chose a Newtown Township Fire truck as her ride of choice while coming to surprise the man. As she came and pulled up outside Gagliardi's house, horns and sirens were blaring - as if inviting everyone around to celebrate this milestone in her bestie's life. If you're wondering how this unusual friendship started, allow us to help you. Gagliardi was a World War II veteran. Not only that, but he had also received a flag flown in his honor over the capital building in Washington D.C. on his 100th birthday. That's why, on his centenarian celebration, Newtown Fire and Police departments also came to wish him well.

One of those many officers was Sean Peck, who was none other than Layla's father. He said, "I grew up two houses down. I always listened to Joe's stories as a veteran and that encouraged me to join the Army." That's also how the centenarian and 7-year-old knew each other. Talking about their unusual friendship, Gagliardi also joked, "We're both the same age. Give or take 93 years." When someone asked how long they'd been friends for, Layla sweetly replied, "Since I was a baby."

After Layla surprised Gagliardi, she promptly handed him a big sack, a lot like Santa's except this one was green in color - and it had hundreds of handmade cards for him! Layla and her friends from St. Andrew's Catholic School in Newtown made 100 cards for Gagliardi. Layla said, "I thought, 'Since he's turning 100 maybe we should make him 100 cards, cause he's a good person!' We made 100 cards, the whole first grade did." Their unique friendship is as beautiful as it is unusual. Gagliardi managed to inspire two generations of the Peck family to do better and be better, all while being a beacon of sacrifice and service. 


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