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64-year-old 'guardian angel' offers free rides to people with disabilities who can't drive

This kind soul helps people with medical conditions and disabilities and doesn't want anything in return.

64-year-old 'guardian angel' offers free rides to people with disabilities who can't drive
Cover Image Source: YouTube | CBS News

Kindness and love are two of humanity's best virtues. This woman proves that there are still people who exude those virtues. Sixty-four-year-old Lyn Story, who hails from Fort Worth, Texas, is a retiree and she has had plenty of free time on her hands after she finished serving at her job. However, Story decided to utilize her free time in a wholesome way that will remind everyone there are still some good souls out there in the world.  Per CBS News,  Story's path crossed with 46-year-old Apryl Goodwin.


Goodwin had been diagnosed with uterine cancer and was facing a major issue when it came to regularly visiting her doctor for appointments. "I had no transportation and I didn't know what to do," Goodwin told the outlet. However, Story stepped into and became Goodwin's guardian angel after meeting her on the community app Nextdoor. "Someone spoke up and said, 'I'll take you to your appointments,' and I kind of ignored it cause it's a stranger. What do you do? So she messaged me again and said, 'I'll take you. I mean it. I'm honest. I, you know, I'm sincere,'" Goodwin recalled.

Ever since then, Story has driven Goodwin to more than 25 radiation appointments, 6 chemotherapy sessions and several doctor appointments. "One time her car broke down and she goes and flags down somebody in the middle of traffic to get me to my chemo," Goodwin praised Story. However, the selfless deeds did not stop with just Goodwin. A few months later, Story found another post from a legally blind man named Kevin Horrigan on the same app.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | MART PRODUCTION
Representative Image Source: Pexels | MART PRODUCTION

"Lyn's like a little angel," Horrigan said. Horrigan had to step out of retirement after he faced some hardship and Story appeared to him with a helping hand at the right moment. Now, Story is responsible for driving Horrigan to work and picking him back up. He mentions that she has helped him tremendously to lessen his burdens. Story brands herself as a "bad weather friend."

"You know, fair-weather friends are only there when everything's good for you," she said. "But a bad weather friend is there to help you in times of need." Story, Goodwin and Horrigan might have been strangers about a year ago, but circumstances brought them together to forge a lifelong friendship. "The best way for me to feel good is to help other people feel good, just to make it easier for them," Story remarked. However, little do people know that 45 years ago, Story was a very differnt person.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Peter Fazekas
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Peter Fazekas

As a young woman, Story was arrested for shoplifting and since then, she decided to turn her life around. "I learned to stop it, to be better. I went into therapy and kind of got a feel for why I felt the need to, for the high, for shoplifting and that helped. And then, many years later, I was finally diagnosed as bipolar. And that helped because I got on medication to make me even instead of the highs and the lows. And so that's made a big difference," she said. So, Story started her journey to become a better and exemplary person one step at a time. When she was 31, she donated her healthy bone marrow to a critically ill patient she was not familiar with. She also ended up fostering a disabled dog named Sully, who only had 3 legs. No wonder Goodwin called Story her "guardian angel."


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