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60% Of Americans Say Trump Does Not Deserve A Second Term

As the 2020 Presidential elections loom closer, it appears that Trump's days in the White House may be numbered.

60% Of Americans Say Trump Does Not Deserve A Second Term

According to a recent CNN poll conducted by research firm SSRS, six in ten American citizens are of the belief that sitting President Donald Trump does not deserve a second term in the White House, CNN reports. His stats are rather negative - especially in comparison to his predecessor and political adversary former Democratic President Barack Obama. Furthermore, it appears that more Americans now claim that Trump is doing a poor job rather than a good one of fulfilling his campaign promises. In addition to this, his approval ratings have been rather dismal, showing no improvement since mid-August this year. Needless to say, the poll presents a rather negative outlook for President Trump's future in office.


Whether or not Trump has improved policy or administration in the United States is yet to be fully analyzed. However, the CNN poll reveals that whether or not this is true, American citizens believe he has done little to improve his image in order to enhance the negative impressions they hold of him and his work during his time as the President thus far.


Through asking several diversified questions, the poll was able to conclude that there has been little to no positive change in the general American perception of Trump's presidency and, even more worryingly, that there is deep partisan polarization within the nation's politics in the present circumstances. President Trump has several months left in the White House, but the prospects of him being able to turn his negative image around are bleak.


As per CNN, the 60 percent of American citizens who believe that the President does not deserve a second term is similar to the 63 percent who felt the same way when he was first sworn into office in November 2017. While many an argument can be made about the voter disenfranchisement caused by the electoral college in this regard, it has become merely a sad fact about the Trump presidency and administration.


The poll comes as a blow to President Trump especially because his ratings are far worse than two of his predecessors Obama and George W. Bush. In Gallup's 2011 polling, for example, the portion of American citizens who believed that Obama did not deserve to be reelected "stood in the low 50s." Comparatively, a poll conducted by CNN, Gallup, and USA Today in October 2003 revealed that 52 percent of Americans thought Bush deserved a second term.


Moreover, when it comes to approval ratings, it seems that President Trump is yet again trailing far behind. His ratings showed no improvement since the last poll was conducted in mid-August earlier this year. The CNN poll discovered that only 39 percent of Americans approved of the job he is doing whereas 55 percent disapproved. This is the highest his disapproval rating has been since early February. Can President Trump turn these numbers around in time for the 2020 Presidential elections? The Republican party can only hope.


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