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6-year-old girl saves herself by biting her abductor's arm and running away from him

This alleged kidnapping took place last week when the kid was in the courtyard of the apartment complex along with her siblings.

6-year-old girl saves herself by biting her abductor's arm and running away from him
Cover Image Source: YouTube | ABC7

Sometimes, kids show us how to act promptly during a crisis. It was seen when a 6-year-old was abducted at an apartment complex in Florida. She bit her attacker on his arm and was able to escape them. This alleged kidnapping happened last week when the kid was in the courtyard of the complex along with her siblings. At that time, they noticed a white SUV outside the apartment complex, according to an arrest affidavit received by NBC News. She remained outside while her siblings went inside. The kidnappers abducted her at this point, as reported by TODAY


"She stated that she was suddenly grabbed by the arm…and pulled toward the rear of the stairs. The victim began to fight back and pulled away from the defendant. The defendant then picked up the victim and began to carry her away," according to the affidavit. "The victim bit the defendant on the arm, causing him to drop her. The defendant slapped the victim and ran away towards the front of the apartment complex," the affidavit said.

"The victim ran around the building towards the front to tell her aunt what had just occurred." Leonardo Venegas is 32 years old and identified as the person behind the kidnapping. Also, he has been charged with child abuse. According to the affidavit, no bodily harm has been reported. He was arrested on July 8, as per the details in the reports from Miami-Dade jail. He has been held on no bond, as far as the kidnapping charge is concerned and a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. jail record showed.

NBC South Florida had a few words with the alleged victim Ah'lyric, who said, "I bit him." The girl revealed that she had learned this self-defense move from her mother. The girl's mom, Teshia McGill, told NBC News, "I'm glad she knew how to fight back." As per the affidavit, footage of the surveillance camera reveals a White Range Rover near the apartment when the child was walking near the apartment complex. Just in some time, Venegas was seen running towards the parking lot of the apartment and the Range Rover was seen leaving the apartment.



The girl was able to recognize her kidnapper from the images shown to her that were generated from the surveillance camera footage. The police were able to find the car as the camera showed the licensed number plate. Venegas spoke to the police in a taped interview. He said he was "looking for houses to buy." But he was proven wrong as the affidavit states these houses are not for sale and are HUD housing. He said he was the man seen in the surveillance video but ran away as he heard someone screaming. He invoked his right to his lawyers when asked about his conversation with a 6-year-old girl. The investigation on the matter is still ongoing.

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