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6 sisters who were homeless for 10 years pursue their dream of becoming nurses together

The Lawrence sisters together accomplished their goal of becoming nurses after the tough challenge of being homeless.

6 sisters who were homeless for 10 years pursue their dream of becoming nurses together
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Sherri Shepherd

Most sibling bonds are intricately woven as they share genuine relationships. They care for each other and help each other navigate life. PEOPLE reported a story of 6 such sibling sisters who went through 10 years of tragic homelessness before they all made the heartwarming decision to become nurses. The Lawrence sisters, as they are called, lost their home 10 years ago and had been hopping from home to home among relatives.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ronailson Santos
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ronailson Santos

One of the sisters, 24-year-old Lauren, titled the event a "challenging time" and said there were many depressing and bumpy times. Their parents ensured that education was primarily present and they received the requirements as much as possible growing up. "He didn't want what we were going through," says Dominique, 25, "to hold us back." The parents ensured that the sisters' dreams of earning a GED were fulfilled. The Lawrence sisters then earned their degrees in college and were set to chase their dreams after graduation. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Hawk i i
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Hawk i i

"It's been quite an adventure," says Danielle, 22. She gave all credit to her and her sisters' faith in God and each other. The sisters are now venturing into their master's program, after which they head to nursing school to make the family proud. Their dad, David, who has turned every stone to help make this possible, is nothing but overjoyed. He said, "I'm so happy they've done this together. I always tell them, 'Life's not fair. And when it throws you a curveball, you gotta adjust to it and keep going.'" 

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The sisters individually paved the way through with their hard work and determination to make what seemed like an impossible dream come true. However, their unity and bonding to vouch for each other and persist together in their goal as one add weightage to their accomplishment. Siblings are no match when it comes to authentic relationships.


In a similar instance, four siblings were reunited in the most wholesome way after a man went out of his way for his sisters. In a Reddit post, u/rainbowarriorhere shared a photo of a notice outside a store, which read, "We close Monday (26) and Tuesday (27). My 3 sisters came from Korea. I missed them for 10 years." People were filled with awe at the pure love he had for his siblings and how he expressed it so adorably. u/Nikkis_Firehouse expressed, "This makes me want to give them a hug."

Image Source: Reddit/u/rainbowarriorhere
Image Source: Reddit/u/rainbowarriorhere

u/CL34NCR1M5ON commented, "Understandable. Have a fantastic day with your family." u/Novel_Newspaper4576 wrote, "Hope they had a lovely reunion.” u/GreatestStarOfAll said, "I hope this person had a wonderful time with their sisters. I love that they could take the time off and were able to reunite. It was probably 48 hours that all four of them will remember for a long time. Not everyone has great familial relationships, but for some, the separation can be just heartbreaking. I have met so many people since the pandemic started who haven't been able to see their family face-to-face for years for a variety of reasons. So, seeing this post didn't just make me smile, it's making me cry."

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