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59-year-old teacher wows AGT judges with mind-blowing guitar performance: 'A rockstar'

John Wines who calls himself the 'Old Grey Guitarist' teaches guitar to kids from the ages 5 to 18.

59-year-old teacher wows AGT judges with mind-blowing guitar performance: 'A rockstar'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | America's Got Talent

When John Wines got on America’s Got Talent he appeared to be a nice, sweet-looking older gentleman. When he had a guitar in his hand and began to play, he turned into a rock star! Judge Howie Mandel called the act “so surprising” and “so unexpected,” and John Wines who calls himself the “Old Grey Guitarist” said what happened after he performed was “unbelievable” and “the surrealest day of my life.” That's because he absolutely won the judges and audience over with his rendition of Queen's We Will Rock You.

John Wines performs on the Americas Got Talent stage | NBC
John Wines performs on the Americas Got Talent stage | NBC




When he first came on stage the soft-spoken 59-year-old from the UK told the judges he had a different start to his career. “I used to be an electrician, but 20 years ago a chance meeting with someone said, ‘You should go into teaching,’ and I did,” Wines told the judges and audience. “Now I’m here and I can’t believe it.”  He's been teaching guitar to kids ages 5 to 18 for years now, adding, "The kids keep me young.”



The performance absolutely stunned everyone with even Judge Simon Cowell saying he “was not expecting that.” “You look so normal and nice and sweet,” Cowell said. “And then you turn into somebody else when you perform. I love that.” Judge Sofia Vergara commented, “You didn’t think you could be a teacher. Did you ever think you could be a rock star?” Quite obviously he got a "Yes!" from all judges which led the guitar teacher to be absolutely moved. “It’s the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done,” Wines said. “But also, the most exhilarating. My legs are going.”

Fans online were also floored by the elderly gentleman's performance. User @JoolsieB said, "John Wines is one of the most unassuming, generous people you could ever meet. Absolutely should be the rock god he deserves to be!" @thecanadian85 agreed and commented, "Been following him on Instagram for some time now!! So happy for him. One of the most humble unimposing most talented guitar player I have had the pleasure of watching. You can’t beat that old man skill and experience. Has a touch that most players don’t have. Congrats John!!" @st2rg2zer added, "I don't think he realized just HOW good he is! That was fabulous! As they all said - I want to hear more."



The guitarist is somewhat of a star now! He has 180,000 followers on Instagram and a whopping 1.3 million followers on TikTok. He even has a website where he has been described as "one of the busiest guitar tutors in the south of the UK for the last 20 years. He has taught students who have shared the stage with Joe Bonamassa and Bernie Marsden, amongst others. He has also worked with literally hundreds of bands with his extensive work with the Youth Service and school jobs. After being on TikTok for about a year, with his playing and lessons, he went viral last September." 

You can follow the artist where he plays popular songs and lessons on Instagram or TikTok


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