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500 golden retrievers gather in Scottish Highlands to celebrate 155 years of the breed

July marks the anniversary of one of the world's most popular dog breeds, which has its origin in the Scottish Highlands.

500 golden retrievers gather in Scottish Highlands to celebrate 155 years of the breed
Cover Image Source: Instagram | puppy.diaries

Dog parents know that their pet pooches are precious, irrespective of their breed. But most often, due to their friendly nature and companion-like joyous attitude, golden retrievers are put on a pedestal. One of the world's most popular dog breeds celebrated an important anniversary this month. In the Scottish Highlands, the first golden retrievers were born 155 years ago. Every five years, hundreds of golden retrievers gather at the Guisachan House nearby a statue commemorating the breed at Tomich in Strathglass to spread glee for this adored and beloved breed, reports My Modern Met. For the 155th anniversary of the golden retrievers, gobs of goldens from over 12 countries including Canada, the US, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia and Estonia bounded around their Scottish estate birthplace this year and it was a sight to behold for dog lovers.  

Image Source: Instagram | puppy.diaries
Image Source: Instagram | puppy.diaries


A video posted on Instagram by puppy.diaries shows what it's like to have about 500 golden retrievers gathered in one place at the same time. Dogs in various shades of white, yellow, and a dark ochre can be seen across the large green lawn. Each of them appears to be delighted to be there, and perhaps, even more so by the fact that they are surrounded by so many puppies. As per a report by the Washington Post, 500 golden retrievers had gathered at the event. Viewers went gaga over this special gathering. "The dogs must have loved this! I hope no one got lost," commented @scorlies. "What an event!" wrote @sallyrandolph2012.

Events were held at the site near Tomich, south of Inverness, and nearby Cannich including talks, workshops, demonstrations and a night-time procession. The procession began at 22:00 and involved a mile-long walk to the ruined house, where the dogs and their owners were greeted by a piper. The night concluded with a rendition of "I'm Gonna Be" (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers and more bagpipe tunes. The purpose of the joyful event, according to Carol Henry, secretary of the golden retriever Club of Scotland, is to share knowledge about the breed and discourage irresponsible breeding. She stated that established breeders were concerned with preserving the dogs' qualities and temperament. Henry told BBC, "We want to hold on to the confidence, the biddability, the companionship, and loyalty — all the things the golden retriever was built on."





The origins of golden retrievers said to have begun in 1868 at the Guisachan House in Glen Affric, a village in Scotland. Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, a businessman and Liberal MP later known as Lord Tweedmouth is credited with creating the first golden in order to fulfill his desire for a hunting dog suitable for the terrain of the Scottish Highlands. The first golden litter was born from the union of a tweed water spaniel and a wavy-coated retriever reports The Herald. The first golden pups were named Primrose, Cowslip and Crocus, whose wavy long coats and splendid demeanors set the standard for the breed, according to PEOPLE. The dogs were bred to be good at hunting grouse, partridge and deer. The breed eventually evolved into a companion dog rather than a working dog. The Kennel Club, the UK's largest organization concerned with dog health, welfare, and training, officially recognized the golden retriever as a breed in 1913. 

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