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5-year-old's brilliant response while discussing if everything costs money brings a smile to mom's face

A little kid's perspective on money and what matters in life is the best thing to hear for anyone going through a hard time.

5-year-old's brilliant response while discussing if everything costs money brings a smile to mom's face
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @kimberleyeyey

Most kids approach situations or new things with a different and fresh point of view. Something similar happened when a mom conversed with her son about money. Kimberley Bartlett–who goes by @kimberleyeyey on TikTok–was quite stressed about money when her son heard her, so they ended up talking about it. The 5-year-old's response to the whole situation is truly wholesome. "I was just pottering around in the kitchen mumbling to myself about things costing so much money and just muttered, 'Why does everything cost money?' My son overheard me saying that and asked, 'Mammy, does absolutely everything cost money?'" the woman told Newsweek about how the conversation started.

Image Source: TikTok | @kimberleyeyey
Image Source: TikTok | @kimberleyeyey

As the video began, the mom said, "Everything costs money." The son, Kyran, asked, "Not stuff like that's in the house?" She replied, "It did cost money. Mama paid for it." But Kyran had something else in his mind. He asked, "I mean, like cuddles and stuff?" That cheered up the mom and she affirmed that cuddles and hugs in the house are indeed free. "Hearing him say that reminded me that although times are hard moneywise, I am very lucky for my little family to be full of love. It reminded me that I am rich in a whole other way and made me feel so warm inside," the mom told the outlet. "Always remember, no matter how hard times get, as long as you're trying your best, don't be so tough on yourself. We're all being faced with this cost of living crisis, and each of us is doing what we need to get through it," the woman pointed out.

Image Source: TikTok | @samanthamarwood05
Image Source: TikTok | @samanthamarwood05
Image Source: TikTok | @steve.dew
Image Source: TikTok | @steve.dew

While talking about her son, the mom proudly added, "Kyran has always been such a lovely boy. He feels so deeply and is so full of love that he often surprises me with the things he says or does." Her son won the hearts of people across the internet. @ali.mont24 commented, "I had a conversation with my son about money. He got so stressed and upset he had to pay for water and wifi. He thought that was free." @bustyrollocks remarked, "That's cute and deep at the same time. Kids see things in ways we can't, the right ways most of the time, love it." Another user expressed, "When you say, 'Sorry, I just afford it at the moment' and they say, 'That's okay mum, I didn't want it anyway.'" @nicolab302 pointed out, "Love this. The best things in life are free."

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An 18-year-old girl, Avery Sanford, had a similar positive response to a difficult situation involving money. When it was time to make the final payment of $800 towards the girl's child support, her father paid by dumping the money as 80,000 pennies on the lawn of the Virginia home where the girl and her mom lived. However, Sanford turned the situation in her favor by using the money for a good cause. She donated all of it to help victims of domestic abuse. 

When her father dumped the said 80,000 pennies on the lawn with the help of a trailer, the girl was at school. The mom was quite surprised to see that happen. Initially, Sanford was quite upset about what happened as she felt her father was trying to embarrass them. But after giving it some thought, the mom and the daughter decided to donate the money to a charity called Safe Harbor, as per Eyewitness News. They shared it would help women like them who are going through abusive relationships and their noble thought garnered much praise in the community, as well as online.



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