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5-year-old buys toys and hot tub worth $1000 using Alexa voice command on Amazon and shocks dad

The stunned dad also added a fun note for other parents, asking them to 'disable' voice purchases on their Alexa app to avoid such fiasco.

5-year-old buys toys and hot tub worth $1000 using Alexa voice command on Amazon and shocks dad
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @toystorydad_

Life can teach you new things every day, but you also learn valuable lessons from children (especially if you are a parent) each minute. Technology and advancements enable this learning more, but the result is not always pleasant. One parent shares how his young son bought toys from Amazon worth $1000 using the Alexa voice purchase option. The heavy purchase even included a hot tub for $500. Tucker Bohman - who goes by @toystorydad_ on TikTok - issued a PSA of sorts, addressing parents on social media after this incident with his five-year-old son Beckham. He captioned the video clip on TikTok: "Has this ever happened to you?! Also I regret not keeping the hot tub every day…" and on Instagram,  he wrote: "If anyone needs 45 Spidey Walkie Talkies, I have you covered… Do you want to see all the other things he tried to order?" 

 Image Source: TikTok | @toystorydad_
Image Source: TikTok | @toystorydad_


Posting a series of screenshots of the long list, the dad elaborated on how the kid ordered the toys. He heard his son's recordings with Alexa from the app. Beckam can be heard saying, "Get me a monster truck that jumps 23 inches off the ground." Then he goes on to order 45 Spidey walky-talkies and a hot tub worth a hot sum. Bohman then warns, "Parents make sure to disable voice purchases on your Alexa app so this doesn't happen to you!"

The hilarious incident sure demands a good laugh. Other parents also shared similar incidents that happened with them. "Yep! My son did that twice … he ordered $200 of Mickey Mouse books the first time with only 2 year old… now, with 4 year, he ordered $150 worth of books again ... I think I need to take him to the library more often, lol," shared @alog211. "He clearly ordered the hot tub to try and sweeten you guys up into letting him keep the rest of it," joked @reaching_for_rainbows

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Later, Bohman shared a second video on Instagram, sharing some of the other purchases that Mr.Beckham made. "I couldn't not share some of the other things he tried to order. He is very specific with what he wants," Bohman explained in the caption. Beckham can be heard ordering 112 water slides. He then says, "Alexa get me a rocket ship that goes five trillion miles per hour and five trillion feet off the ground." He then demands Alexa for a loopy loop race car track and remote control cars to be added to the cart. The list goes on with four gummy drop dipping sticks. It looks like he wants to live a life king-size! 

Viewers on the platform were surely entertained. "I mean, he'd be a great gift giver, I assume. 'Alexa, order a jacuzzi for mom and dad,'" joked lalo_nja08. "Kid knows what he wants," added emilyelizabeth31. disneylandplan chimed in and wrote: "This kid likes numbers that's for sure." Children can be quirky, but they sure know how to communicate what's on their minds and this incident proves it very well. 

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