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5-year-old girl accuses mom of being an alien after seeing picture of Earth in passport

The little girl freaked out after seeing an image of the earth on her Mom's passport and feared her mother was an alien.

5-year-old girl accuses mom of being an alien after seeing picture of Earth in passport
Image source:Twitter/IamKiraJ

Shaakira Brandon didn't think much of it when she let her daughter watch Men in Black, but little did she know that her 5-year-old would soon accuse her of being an alien. The Texa mother posted an incredibly cute video of her 5-year-old girl, Nala-Joye, holding up her Mom's passport and bursting into tears. When Brandon asked why she was crying, Nala-Joye could barely speak, overwhelmed with emotions and tears running down her face. You suspect a lot of people of being aliens, but your own mother? It was too much for Nala-Joye to take. She held up her Mom's passport to prove that her mother was an alien. There was a picture of Earth on it.



Shaakira Brandon immediately got the reference. In the movie, Men In Black, aliens visited Earth by carrying paperwork like passports, and Nala-Joye immediately made the connection. She was beyond herself, sobbing. "What do you think that means?" the girl's mother can be heard asking in the video. She accuses her of being an alien. "You think that means I'm an alien?!" Brandon replied. "You scared of mommy now?"   



Brandon then carefully explained that the passport simply showed all the places that Mommy had traveled to, on Earth of course. Nala-Joye wouldn't stop crying. The video went viral and garnered over 1.5 million views and 254k likes. If that wasn't wholesome enough, the screenwriter of the first 'Men In Black" film, Ed Solomon, replied to the tweet, writing: "My Bad. I apologize :)" Brandon also joked that Nala-Joye slept with lights on that night. 





If you thought it was just one video, you're mistaken. Brandon posted a string of videos featuring her daughter being dramatic, each funnier and more adorable than the last. "If you watched that clip and thought “awww kids are so innocent” be advised they are sour patches and low-key mini terrorist," she wrote as a caption while posting a video of Nala-Joye making a cake with her brother. Spoiler alert: It ends in tears again.



Many wondered if the 5-year-old's always like this, and Brandon replied, "Oh, and if you’re wondering if she’s dramatic because she’s one of those. Yes, yes she is." Brandon then posted another video of her bursting into tears. She also posted an adorable video of Nala-Joye refusing to smile for a picture while dressed up a princess at Disneyland. "You gotta be really committed to your attitude to have an attitude in the happiest place on earth," she wrote.

Brandon said they share a really close bond. "I been single for years so she’s never seen me with a man. And she watches nothing but Disney movies to she’s starting to catch on to the fact that her mama ain’t go no man. Lmao Nala's mission is to find me a honey. My mission is to buy her a house," she wrote. Ending on an emotional note, Brandon wrote, "I get a lot of laughs out of her youthful antics but this really my best friend." Brandon also reads out an incredibly emotional poem dedicated to her daughter. "Even though I gave birth to you, it's actually you who gave life to me."


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