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5-year-old basketball coach is inspiring everyone with his speeches and passion for the game

5-year-old Christopher Bess is going off as assistant basketball coach to the North Carolina High School team and his skills and enthusiasm are mind-baffling.

5-year-old basketball coach is inspiring everyone with his speeches and passion for the game
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WGN News

It's clear that athletes need talent and determination to excel both on the field and in life. But it's their coaches who crucially guide and inspire them to unleash their full potential and energy. However, to the world's surprise this role is being played by 5-year-old Christopher Bess. He has been assisting his father in coaching and boosting the basketball team of North Carolina High School, per PEOPLE. With his electrifying spirit, this young coach has become a viral sensation as one of the most loved and adored coaches ever.  

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Markus Spiske
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Markus Spiske

Bess showcases professionalism and is celebrated for his motivational speeches and unwavering determination for his team. Known as coach CB, Bess assists his father with locker room speeches, on-field guidance and boosting. He is the most adorable hype man who skillfully coaches players during games and practices. His dad mentioned that the fine young gentleman found his love for the sport at the age of 2 and it only grew. He said, "His dad coaches and his brother plays, so he's spent a lot of his young life on the basketball court and football field."

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His mom added that his dad recognized this love and offered him a spot on the benches during matches where he got into his prime form and went all out. Displaying every trait to qualify as a coach, Bess even has the back of his players and is indeed taken seriously on the court. In one of the videos on his Instagram page, the tiny coach is seen speaking with the referee during a match due to some misunderstanding. "Hey, I need to talk with you," Bess said. "Hey, I need you to calm down a little bit," the referee said.

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The duo continued to get things right on the game before little Bess got frustrated like every other coach and did his classic towel throw to express the same. In another heart-melting yet defining clip, Coach Bess is seen sweetly yet seriously hyping the boys in the locker room before their match. "I coached my whole butt!" Coach CB says in one video. "I coached my whole butt off. And when I say I coach my whole butt off, I coach my whole butt off! When I coach my whole butt off, y'all play your whole butts off," Bess said, convincing each of them to indeed "play their butts off." His love for the game, combined with his commitment and passion, is a delightful blessing for North Carolina's high school athletes.

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Bess' mom pointed out that the boys enjoy having Bess coach them. "The guys are so good with him. They look out for him and never make him (or me) feel like he's a bother. They're great with him," she said, per the outlet. Undoubtedly, they look forward to the tiny tot's inspiration and enthusiasm, which they reflect on the field. Bess has got several fans off-court as well. @thepacificwginga said, "This baby is everything. He'll be running the show by the time he is 6!" @iamcy_rodriguez said, "That's his calling, you're already a champ." As for lil Bess, he adores the "teaching" he imparts through his coaching and plans to make this passion via coaching at "the NBA, NFL, WNBA & college," in the future.


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