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37-year-old creep sends nasty message to woman, she rats him out to his mom

When video game reviews editor Kallie Plagge received a vulgar hate message from a random dude on the internet, she decided he needed a time-out - from his mom.

37-year-old creep sends nasty message to woman, she rats him out to his mom

There is no doubt that a woman's experience on the internet is incredibly different from a man's. This is mostly because men don't like letting women have nice things. I mean, women, is it even a normal day if you don't get a hate message, creepy text, or a death threat on any of the various social media platforms you use? Of course not. It doesn't matter who you are. Whether you're a celebrity or just an ordinary gal next door, you're bound to get an unwarranted message at some point in your life (or well, several points during your day). This is what happened with Kallie Plagge, a reviews editor at GameSpot after she published a review.


Once the review was posted, she received a hate message from a random user on Facebook. He (quite rudely) stated, "Hi, you stupid f*cking SJW c*nt. Can you ever learn to shut your f*cking c*nt mouth, b*tch?" Now, after you've become a seasoned receiver of messages like these, you understand that it would only be futile to engage in conversation with the original sender. However, Plagge wanted to seek out some form of support. So what did she do? She tracked down his mother on Facebook and then sent her a screenshot of her son's text message. 


She wrote, "Hello! You don't know who I am, but your son does. I thought you might want to know the kinds of messages he sends to women he doesn't agree with. He sent me this because I wrote a review of a video game." To her surprise, his mom actually decided to respond. Even more surprisingly, she took Plagge's side and admitted that her son has some "problems." She replied, "I am so sorry. He is 37 years old and I am so going after him. He definitely has problems. I will straighten him out." Firstly, 37 years old? And still sending random women on the internet awful, sexist messages? That's what 12-year-olds do. Secondly, when even your own mom no longer has any faith in you, that's when you kind of know it's time to call it quits, my dude.


Following the interaction, Plagge took to Twitter to post about it. She posted, "This guy sent me hate on Facebook so I told his mom on him. She was really nice about it." The post quickly went viral. To date, it has about 22,000 retweets and 205,600 likes. Needless to say, that guy has probably crawled into some hermit hold in the darkest, deepest corner of the web and doesn't plan on coming out any time soon. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Plagge shared, "The fact that he was 37 was really the cherry on top that made it hilarious."


However, her interview revealed more pervasive issues when it comes to being a woman gamer with an online presence. "I don’t know any women in the industry who haven't experienced something like this," she said. "It varies by how outspoken you are on Twitter, for example, but I think we all get demoralizing comments, whether it’s about our appearance or about the things we say." However, despite all the unwarranted criticism she gets and trolling she is forced to endure, she refuses to remain silent. Plagge affirmed, "There needs to be less of a rhetoric about, ‘Don’t feed the trolls,’ because they will come no matter what. And my philosophy on it is I’m not going to just lie down and be silent. I don’t want anyone to forget that this is what we have to do to do our jobs." More power to you, girl!


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