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33 men from across the globe dazzle in their national costume for beauty pageant

The Mister Global all-male beauty pageant is being held after a hiatus of two years; the 2022's event was held in Thailand.

33 men from across the globe dazzle in their national costume for beauty pageant
Image source: Instagram | officialmisterglobal | davidryophotographer

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 22, 2022.

Beauty pageants always divide opinions and, especially of late, have faced much criticism for objectifying women. Some would argue that beauty pageants can be empowering but only if they're more inclusive. But one pageant that stood out was Mister Global, an all-male beauty pageant that features men from various countries. Mister Global has many events but the one that is most awaited is the "National Costume,” a segment in which the contestants wear outfits representing their country and culture. In 2022, the beauty pageant returned after a hiatus of two years due to the pandemic, reported MyModernMet. A total of 33 men from different countries traveled to Thailand to participate in the event. 2022's competition was captured by photographer David Ryo, who shot amazing portraits to highlight their cultures and frame. At the end of the event, Spain's 21-year-old Miguel Ángel Lucas won the top prize.

Here are 33 amazing portraits from the Mister Global beauty pageant's National Costume segment:


1.  Bolivia



2. Cuba



3. France



4. Hong Kong



5. India



6. Indonesia



7. Brazil



8. The Czech Republic



9. Cambodia



10. Ecuador



11. The Dominican Republic



12. Japan



13. Korea



14. Laos



15. Macau



16. Malaysia



17. Mexico



18. Myanmar



19. Nigeria



20. Switzerland



21. Venezuela



22. Vietnam



23. USA



24.  The United Kingdom



25. Thailand



26. Sri Lanka



27. Spain 



28. South Africa



29. Romania



30. Puerto Rico



31. Peru



32. The Philippines



33.  Panama


You can check out David Ryo's work on Instagram.

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