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30 things Europeans do that Americans find really hard to understand

People on social media came together to voice some European mannerisms that do not really make sense to Americans.

30 things Europeans do that Americans find really hard to understand
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Alessio Cesario; (R) Reddit | u/Curious_Flower_9275

The world is a beautiful place because of the different identities and cultures. It is believed that when one explores different cultures, it broadens their perspective on various things. The process of understanding different behavioral patterns and antics is interesting, to say the least. These patterns are often a result of the history, culture, and environment that have originated in that place. Hence, it is no surprise there is no common ground for people to compare two cultures. It is vital that when individuals find themselves facing a new culture, they should be open to accepting it as it will broaden their horizons. But sometimes, no matter how much you try to make sense of an action or practice, they just go over your head. A Reddit user, u/a_m42, felt something similar while trying to understand certain things Europeans do or practice in their day-to-day lives.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Nathan Cowley
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Nathan Cowley


It would be obnoxious to presume that everything Americans do is perfect and Europeans do not measure up to them. Several Americans have confessed how they like things such as paternal leave policy and no tipping better in other European countries. The charming mannerism of European culture continues to intrigue Americans and the world alike. But there are some customs that people can not understand, no matter how much they try. u/a_m42 was not alone in feeling this, as many people responded to the thread with their observations. Here are 30 things that Europeans do that make little to no sense to Americans.

1.  Weird bathrooms

"You all give us so much grief for having bathroom stall door gaps and then have a one-foot wide piece of glass to keep water in the shower…" - u/billsdabills
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Patrick Case
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Patrick Case

2. Obsession with cricket

"I don't understand cricket and at this point, I'm afraid to ask." - u/Everything_Breaks

3. What is the need for hot water for washing hands?

"Saw that mostly in the UK, having 2 separate faucets for hot and cold water?? What the hell lol? Washing my hands was the worst."-u/Athlete_Aromatic

4. What did Poland do to them?

"What's with the constant invading of Poland?" -  u/matadorobex

5. Room decoration is disorienting

"England's fascination with large print flowered wallpaper with various colors that don't go together especially when you stand in the hallway and see where all the rooms converge." - u/Hohenmeyer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by PhotoMIX Company
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by PhotoMIX Company


6. How many things does a kitchen need?

"Washer and dryer in the kitchen." - u/IllCartoonist108

7. Is 'owning' not a concept?

"Rent their whole lives. I saw this in Germany. I know it's becoming the norm in the US, too, but it just seemed weird to me the first time I visited 30 years ago that most Germans rented their entire lives and never even thought about buying a house. " -u/RiffRandellsBF

8. The 'whole' summer is a holiday

"Solid month of vacation in the summer. " - u/winkt42 

9. Does no one want to pee when they are out?

"Lack of public restrooms." - u/offbrandbarbie

10. So much obsession with natural air and the bugs that come with it

"Leaving the windows wide open in the summer. I get that you might not have A/C, but you need a damn window screen. You’re letting all the bugs in like that."  -u/Curious_Flower_9275

11. Fashion sense has no sense

"Those knee-length capri-jeans for men. Like, what are they? long tight shorts?"- u/gypsytangerine

12. Dryer seems to be a foreign concept when it comes to clothes

"Do any Europeans have a clothes dryer? Why do I think that’s not standard?"- u/MrsZerg

13. Stairs and comfort seem to go in opposite ways

"WTF is with the stairs in Dutch houses? So steep, that you could break your neck in a fall. I get that land is at a premium, and you have to build tall. But, how many old people and small children have died?" -u/museum-mama
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Monstera Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Monstera Production


14. Rented apartments also need to be built from the ground up

"In Paris when you rent an apartment, it doesn’t come with major appliances. Refrigerator, cooktop. Bring your own and take it with you when you leave." - u/TheGynechiatrist 

15. Paying people appropriately. What is that?

"You don't tip everybody for everything. You actually pay people appropriately."- u/OscarDivine

16. Cafes with no food

"I was just in Amsterdam and I’m always shocked by the amount of cafes that only serve booze and no food." - u/rockit454 

17. Sleeping preferences

"No top sheets on beds. The first time I experienced  'European Style' bedding, I was so confused. When I asked about the top sheet, I was told they only use a duvet. I'm a hot sleeper, so I didn't use it. Ended up sleeping without a sheet over me, which was uncomfortable. But, when in Rome..."- u/Quantum_Compass

18. Craze for football

"Football hooliganism. You'll beat people just for wearing the wrong shirt to the wrong bar. It's a horrendous practice"-u/dosetoyevsky

19. What can such a small refrigerator hold?

"Tiny refrigerators."- u/Outside_Performer_66

20. Participation in stereotyping

"Get really pissed off at stereotypes against them while simultaneously stereotyping the people they are mad at."- u/Cheekygirl97

21. Tea has no qualms. Why do you?

"Getting so up in arms about using a microwave to heat water for tea. The water doesn't care how it's heated and neither does the tea."- u/littlefriend77

22. Weirdest toppings

"Tuna and peas in pizza. I saw this in Iceland."- u/educatedwierdo
Representative Image Source: Pexels | The Lazy Artist Gallery
Representative Image Source: Pexels | The Lazy Artist Gallery


23. Problem with to-go coffee

"What's the vendetta against coffee to go? I mean I get it; you want to sit and enjoy it. But sometimes, you’re in a rush. It was an affront to the whole continent when my friend asked for one." -u/Ness_tea_BK

24. Lack of ACs

"Why is there no air-conditioning in residences?"- u/dmizzl

25. Cheese after meals

"The French offering cheese as desert after a big fatty meal."- u/2023mfer

26. Making guests wet their hands

"In most Dutch WCs found at the entrance to the home, there is a tiny sink with only cold water to wash your hands and often no towel to dry them."- u/sarpol 

27. 'Cold' beverages not being 'cold'!!

"No ice in beverages. Why?"- u/attempt_no23

28. Is a person supposed to pay rent, forever?

"The concept of a leasehold is insane to me. Holding a person in perpetual rental tenancy instead of just selling them the house is just total lunacy."- u/FoucaultsPudendum

29. Taking floors of a house with them!!

"In the Netherlands, a house usually doesn't come with the floor. People remove their floor and bring it to the next house. I'm Italian and still trying to figure this one out."- u/Bitter-Ad-4064


30. Long pants and summers are simply not a match

"Men continuing to wear long pants in the middle of summer."- u/HowDoIRedditGood

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