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30 hilarious food reviews and life lessons from the 'Shower Food Review guy'

Gaz is a passionate food critic who spends his time reviewing the simplest and most ordinary foods while in the shower.

30 hilarious food reviews and life lessons from the 'Shower Food Review guy'
Cover Image Source: Twitter / @gazpachomachine

Being a food critic is not an easy job. It requires a great deal of passion and strong taste buds. You would have to be able to devote your time to critiquing various food and cuisines from all around the world. And what do food critics like the most? For the individual behind the @GazpachoMachine Twitter account, the answer is hot showers. The passionate food critic spends his time reviewing foods while in the shower and has quickly established themselves as a brilliant reviewer of the simplest and most ordinary foods, from Takis and pineapples to rib eye and cotton candy. 

You can also slide into his Twitter DMs and ask for a review of some food you like, which Gaz graciously obliges. Generally, food critics share their opinions in newspapers, magazines or websites devoted to food and drink, but Gaz posts photos of it on Twitter with a little accompanying text in the caption. Recently, one follower asked him to eat pudding while drenched in the shower. So if you've ever wondered how gooey wet pudding or watery milk tastes under running water, you are at the right place.

Here are the 30 best ones with the hope that you will do the same the next time you hop into the shower. 

1. Philly Cheese Steak


2. Blue Takis


3. Pineapple


4. Cotton Candy 


5. Tomahawk Ribeye


6. Cereal


7. Pudding


8. Vape 


9. Watermelon


10. KFC Bucket 


11. Pepperoni Pizza


12. Shrimp Party Platter


13. Rotisserie Chicken


14. Leftover Easter Ham


15. Movie Theater Popcorn


16. Bud Ice 40oz & a Cigarette 


17. Big Mac


18. Pizza Egg Rolls


19. White Cheddar Popcorn


20. Hot Dog


21. Bacon Hamburger from Five Guys


22. Chicken Tenders


23. Sushi


24. Double Down


25. Pizza


26. Key Lime Pie


27. Peanuts 


28. Orange


29. Burrito


30. Big Glass of Whiskey


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