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3-year-old’s amazing mantra is motivating adults across the world to achieve goals without stress

As adults worry about minor things, this little one has a simple solution to how people can work towards achieving their goals with a change of mindset.

3-year-old’s amazing mantra is motivating adults across the world to achieve goals without stress
Cover Image Source: X | @jendziura

Young kids want to try their hand at everything whenever they are addressing their future years. Some want to be a doctor, teacher, pilot or even something fantastical such as a princess or a time traveler. In the case of Jennifer Dziura's 3-year-old daughter, she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. But being an astronaut takes a lot of brains and a whole lot of hard work. Only after countless tests and trials, one can be deemed qualified to leave Earth and explore space. But this young girl is not intimidated by all the challenges that are about to come her way as she goes on to become an astronaut. Her mom, @jendziura, shared a thoughtful post on her X handle in 2018 that has been motivating adults to achieve their goals without stress.


"My 3-year-old said she wanted to be an astronaut and I said she had to study hard, go to college, learn a lot of science and take a physical fitness test. She shrugged and said, 'That's just 4 things'. So she's basically a nonchalant motivational speaker," the brief caption on Dziura's X handle read. Since the post got a lot of likes and views from the community, she shared two pictures of her daughter in the comments beneath it. In one picture, we can see her daughter in a dress with Wonder Woman's logo on it and wearing a kitty eye mask.


But to prove that she is legitimately enthusiastic about space exploration, her mom posted a second picture that has her little one dressed in a makeshift astronaut suit with duct tape on. On Dziura's Instagram, @jenniferdziura, the mom has posted her now-9-year-old daughter enjoying a game of pool with her uncle. She also takes an interest in spending time at roller disco rinks with her mom.

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The people on X cheered for the little one's words of wisdom and shared how it has impacted their lives. @TimelordCorsair wrote, "I just started a doctoral program and had to outline my plan for doing research and writing my dissertation- it's 23 steps and I was reminded of your kid. So just so you know- she absolutely was a nonchalant motivational speaker- even five years later." @LucSkyward joked, "Pretty sure she's gonna reach altitudes well beyond the bounds of X and maybe even space and time. Plus, her pic did a Vulcan heart melt on this grandpa, so she's gonna be a legend."




@akkcrystal36 commented, "My daughter also wants to be an astronaut and she had 12+ surgeries and 4 open heart surgeries. I told her that she would be the one to change the rules." @Comixxgrl quipped, "I'm impressed that a three-year-old was able to discern the four things that you mentioned in your sentence. I think she's going to do well in math." @Northeast_Nate encouraged, "Even Neil Armstrong had to start somewhere, and a great journey is a first step, he was also on the moon, Her's could be the first on Mars. Feed the dream." @GoDaddiO added, "Reason #170 why kids are awesome. They don't see roadblocks to their ambitions as negative." It has been a couple of years and the little girl's unscripted motivational talk is still working magic on everyone who comes across it.

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