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3-year-old jumps with joy after 'Santa' gifts her the 'big girl room' that she always wanted

She jumps up and down as she explores her new bedroom, slide, chairs and the rainbow light.

3-year-old jumps with joy after 'Santa' gifts her the 'big girl room' that she always wanted
Image Source: Reddit/JasMusik

Every kid wishes for a lot of things from Santa and sometimes, it is quite a challenge for parents to fulfill all the wishes of their kids. However, one mother did go the distance in ensuring her daughter got what she wished for. Her three-year-old daughter had always wanted a "big girl room" and her Mom made it happen for her. She set it up in the most functional and fun way and recorded her daughter's reaction upon seeing her room. This video went viral on the internet and was posted on Reddit by JasMusik

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


It starts with a three-year-old girl walking into her room and is shocked by seeing the surprise. She says to her mother, "I think Santa was here," while she went on to explore her "big girl" room. She goes under her bunk bed and discovers plenty of seating and is overjoyed to experience it. Her mother also reacts in a shocking way to make her daughter believe that it was Santa who sprinkled a little bit of his magic to make it happen. The mother goes ahead and asks her, "Is that a light?" and the little girl goes ahead and turned a beautiful rainbow light on. She jumps up and down in excitement as it seems like a dream come true. She climbs the staircase to her comfortable bed which has a fun slide to come down from. This video has already gathered over 112k upvotes in just under 24 hours and bought a smile to everyone's face.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit



A lot of people wondered how the parents manage to set it all up without the knowledge of the toddler. One Reddit user, pitmeng01, commented, "My guess is they sent her to someone else's house for the night because otherwise, I have no idea how they pulled it off." Another user, queuedUp wrote, "It's possible that they moved her to a different room and just kept her from going into what is now her big girl room."

Many others said that everyone needs to celebrate the small moments with their children as they grow up very fast while others relayed their own experience of giving their kids their own room. One user, BruisedToe, commented, "My kid also upgraded from crib to big boy bed yesterday. Spent 30+ minutes climbing, jumping, and screaming with joy. Totally worth it after spending a few hours on Christmas Eve assembling everything." Another, JTtreason, added, "That's amazing. My daughter turns 3 in September. What a great idea. The slide was a nice touch." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit



Having your own bed is a beautiful and comforting feeling that we all might take for granted. A little youngster in Detroit just experienced sleeping in his own bed for the first time, and the look on his face was priceless. Daeyr Neely and his mother were homeless for a number of years before bouncing around various shelters. Since he was a little child, Daeyr hasn't had a bed of his own, but thanks to the help of Humble Design, a charity that works to end homelessness, his wish has now come true. 

His reaction to seeing his own bed for the first time on the video was quite touching. Daeyr enters the bedroom at the start of the video and notices the bed. For the first few seconds, his mouth drops and his eyes expand in genuine surprise. As he comes to terms with the fact that this bed is genuinely his, his reaction grows even more visceral. He appeared to be having trouble accepting this gift, and as it starts to sink in, he starts crying. The face of the boy lights up as he gets the best gift in his life.

Watch the video here:



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