25 women reveal nonsexual things guys have done that were big turn-ons

A 2018 survey conducted by sex toy retailer Eden Fantasys found that some of the most popular turn-ons happen outside of the bedroom.

25 women reveal nonsexual things guys have done that were big turn-ons
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 11, 2021.

What gets someone's motor running changes from person to person. While being touched or caressed on certain parts of their body might do the trick for some, others might be turned on by a nonsexual action or personality trait or even how safe or loved their partner makes them feel. According to the New York Post, a 2018 survey conducted by sex toy retailer Eden Fantasys found that some of the most popular turn-ons happen outside of the bedroom for the 2,000 Americans that took part in the study. "The study showed that non-physical affections are the biggest turn-ons for everyone," said Fred Petrenko of EdenFantasys.com. "'All we need is love' is as true today as it's always been."

This was proved to be true by a recent Reddit thread when Reddit user tycooperaow hit the AskReddit community with this question: "Women of Reddit, what is a non-sexual thing a guy did that turned you on?" Here are 25 of the top responses from the now-viral thread:


"When we're cooking together. He is just chopping some vegetables and here I am getting turned on."flake5991 


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"Hugging me from behind. Poor guy just wants a hug and my first response is always to wiggle my butt like a dirty heathen. And this didn't turn me on, but made my heart very warm: When he's playing his video games and I'm in bed and he'll come check on me between every single match."mikasa_517 


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"When he's a good Dad to our kid. Nothing makes me love him more than watching him play with, or snuggle, our 9-year-old daughter. He's always been a good Daddy. Whenever I see it I get the happy clenches in my heart."littlegingerfae


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"Not a woman, but my girlfriends tell me rolled up sleeves showing off forearm does it for them."rudalsxv


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"Asking me how I am and listening to my response with interest and compassion. Laughing at my goofy jokes. Caring for my physicality with massage, hot water bottles, foot rubs, etc. Smiling and looking pleased to see me. Sending me silly photos/memes just because he knows I’ll think they’re funny or cute. Brushing my hair. Helping me with tasks that make my home more lovely to be in. Carrying heavy stuff for me. Reading out loud to me. Showering and grooming himself because he knows it’ll make him more huggable and kissable. (This especially applies to men who get food in their beards.) Being interested in my opinions. Dancing with me. The list is endless."Buffsicle


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"Respecting my boundaries. Literally, sometimes I could be not in the mood, and I say it, and my ex-boyfriend would literally just stop all physical contact or ask if cuddling is still okay, and then we would just not do anything, and the lack of pressure to do something sexual is what turned me on lol."Imakegoatnoises


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"Kindness, my bf is literally the kindest person ever... and I find it incredibly hot. And also... when he talks about things he loves, he is super smart."thecsgg 


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"Honestly, if a cologne is good enough, that could potentially lead to that."foxxhajti


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"A sense of style. I don’t care what style. Just some thought to how he’s presenting himself. Also I adore a man who has interests that are more than fishing, hunting, gaming, and cars which I find to be universally boring and cliche."danger_does_dallas