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25 women name the things they wish men would stop doing immediately

Reddit user slipz4001 recently paved the way for women to call out some of male behaviors that they find extremely annoying.

25 women name the things they wish men would stop doing immediately
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Men often like to portray women as unpredictable and complicated beings. However, they conveniently remain oblivious to how mind-boggling and downright infuriating some of their own behavior and habits can be. Reddit user slipz4001 paved the way for women to call out some of these annoying male habits recently when they turned to the r/AskReddit community with this question: "Women of Reddit: What would you like all men to stop doing, immediately, as of right now?"

Here are 25 of the most popular responses to the query:


"If you have a medical issue please get it sorted... Stop ignoring it!. My partner has been ignoring a problem with his eye and never saw a doctor and had an appointment last year but missed it as he felt he couldn't miss a few hours of work.
Luckily I made him sit in A&E and told him not to come home until they have seen him. He was seen and his sight can now be saved... If he have left it he could have gone blind."leebling 


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"Obviously not all men, but I've known too many men in my life who neglect their own mental and physical health needs/concerns. I wish more men would seek out help for physical and mental health issues. I can't speak for what it's like to be raised/socialized as a male, so I'm not sure what personal or social conflicts men face about this. These things can be very expensive or challenging to access, which is an understandable barrier. From the perspective of being a partner and friend, it's really hard seeing someone you love and care about do absolutely nothing while clearly suffering.
It's a helpless and frustrating situation to have a friend or partner have a potentially serious health issue and seemingly be committed to absolutely not seeing a doctor. I understand being afraid to find out or possibly get a life-changing diagnosis. I also understand not wanting to seem weak and that desire to push through and be strong. Just like with mental health, all the love in the world can't replace the knowledge and resources of a trained medical professional."talking-owl


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"Stop protecting bad men. I'm sick and tired of dealing with predatory men. I just want to be able to go to work and not be harassed and be able to go for a run at night and not worry about being attacked. To drink too much and not have to worry about being assaulted. I want to be safe."TudorRose100


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"Coming up to women waiting for the bus alone at night and asking for their phone numbers/asking them out. This happens so often and I don't see how anyone can think it's appropriate. Obviously, the answer is always going to be no but it does not feel like a safe situation to give a firm no in."KissMyAlpaca


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"When I say I’m lesbian I would love for them to stop saying 'you just haven't met the right guy yet' or 'I can change you if you give me one night with you' it's disgusting and makes me more of a lesbian, and no I will not give you proof that I am a lesbian for your own pornography fantasies."D3m0nkash1


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"Downplaying things when we talk about sexual assault or harassment. Super glad none of your friends do that (hopefully) but just because your friends don't do it doesn't mean it's not a problem."Pepperspray24


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"Ignore social cues to leave others alone. If I am wearing earphones/reading/curt in my responses to you... I'm not interested in conversing/engaging/dating/fu**ing you.
I understand wanting to start a polite conversation, but if the other person is occupied/uninterested, shrieking that THEY are being rude/a c**t/a co**tease is inappropriate. Just learn to read the fu**ng room and take a hint."ebeth_the_mighty 


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"Strategic incompetence for tasks that are commonly associated with women. These range from seeing that a household chore needs to get done to scheduling a meeting, writing meeting minutes, remembering a birthday, that the towels need washing, etc. We see you. We know what you are doing. We know that you know this stuff needs to get done and that you're capable of doing it. No one was born knowing how or wanting to do these tasks. Fu**ing stop it with the excuses, you're an adult."ConnieLingus24


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"Some men assume that not calling women slurs is what makes them nice. That cannot be where the bar is. I'd like those men to stop pretending that's the minimum."Fandoms_local_Kiwi

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