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23 wholesome and uplifting posts to break your doomscroll

Does the world feel rather bleak and hopeless these days to you? These heartwarming and inspiring posts might just be the fix you need.

23 wholesome and uplifting posts to break your doomscroll
Cover Image Source: Reddit/Harris Foster

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 16, 2022. It has since been updated.

The last couple of years has left us all feeling emotionally and physically drained to the point where many of us wake up every day with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness clouding our thoughts. Checking our phones only makes things worse as social media platforms relentlessly chip away at our self-esteem while simultaneously throwing the most disturbing news from around the world at us. In case you need some reminders of the good still left in the world to break out of this vicious cycle or would like to brighten someone else's day, these 23 wholesome and inspiring posts might just be the answer:

1. The Emergency Landing and Veterinary Expert System aka E.L.V.E.S

Image Source: Imgur/vodray
Image Source: Imgur/vodray





4. "Teacher posted this to parents - so thoughtful!"

Image Source: Reddit/Superb_Repair4353

5. "Might not seem like much, but... you guys—I AM DOING IT!"

Image Source: Reddit/Thelilytoyourmarshal

6. "After 16 years of homelessness I finally have my own place."

Image Source: Reddit/thefakerealdrpepper

7. "Remember the old Turkish man who lost everything in fire but saved his kitten? People bought a new house for him and his three cats. They are so happy now!"

Image Source: Reddit/ Skywalker_1881



9. "This restaurant offers food for free if you can't afford it."

Image Source: Reddit/nopepotato69

10. "This is Jax, 13 years old and can't walk very far, so we got him a sled for our winter walks!"

Image Source: Reddit/naturalhiker705

11. "Pro wrestler kisses his boyfriend in front of homophobic protestors to 'stand up against hate.'"

Image Source: Reddit/0LoveRainbow0



13. "It may not look like much, but I haven't been able to lift properly in years. This is the start of something big."

Image Source: Reddit/benhundben

14. "7-year-old does not let alopecia stop her from celebrating her school's 'Crazy Hair Day'"

Image Source: Reddit/Aurora_Olympus

15. "Me dying of cancer over the spring vs. Me happy and healthy spending Christmas with my beautiful family."

Image Source: Reddit/waxeryboiliroo

16. "The Amazon driver who delivered my package at 6pm on Christmas Eve."

Image Source: Reddit/pinkandperjurous





19. "Today, I am 6 months fully anorexia and bulimia free. Recovery IS possible!"

Image Source: Reddit/Ruby_Soho-

20. "Had an 'Adoption Reveal' photo shoot for our newly adopted teen, complete with teenage eye rolls."

Image Source: Reddit/Horchaata

21. "My brother, with Down Syndrome, holding his newborn great niece on Christmas."

Image Source: Reddit/Liznobbie

22. "Went back to college last week. Been 13 years and am starting from square one. Here goes nothing!"

Image Source: Reddit/runningdownhill

23. "A school in my town has a SHARE BIN. Students who buy lunches may place unwanted and unopened food on this ice tray. If other students are still hungry after they finish their own lunches, they may choose one item from the share bin. This simple process reduces waste and makes tummies full."

Image Source: Reddit/beaverkc

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