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25 unhinged stories from childhood that are making us yearn for those golden days

People share funny stories from their childhood in which they were a bit more confident and a lot more crazy.

25 unhinged stories from childhood that are making us yearn for those golden days
Cover Image Source: (L) X | @fabbgrat; (R) X | @Goochi_Quintana

As we age, it almost seems childhood happened in a different universe altogether. Those days of joy and happiness seem too far gone from our grasp. There are fewer inhibitions and fear, but it almost feels like the world is at people's feet. It is this confidence that results in the funniest situations. Every person has some story from their younger years they can point to and say, "I really don't know what I was on then." Even if the incident might have ended with them becoming embarrassed, hurt or the butt of the family joke, it remains close to their heart for years to come.

Representative Image Source: Pexels |Naomi Shi
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Naomi Shi

Therefore, when Laura—who goes by @itzwahalalaura on X (previously Twitter)—asked people about their funniest childhood memories, the thread got filled with heartwarming nostalgia. The stories revealed not only children are a little haywire in the head but they are just so fun to be around. Having such incidents happen daily would ensure that life is no less than a sitcom. Growing up becomes a little less appealing once people read such tales. The responses covered every unhinged scenario, from taking things literally to being a different level of self-obsessed. Here are the 25 best stories from the thread that will make everyone want to go back to their younger years because let's face it, no adult is going scot-free doing these things.

1. Do not dare to fool grandma


2. Things were taken literally


3. Money just was not a worry 


4. Kids are a different breed altogether


5. Fashion was what they made of it


6. Mustaches are a lifestyle, even if they are not natural


7. Kitchen and washroom often meshed together


8. Fathers are absent-minded creatures


9. Snacks were life



10. Imitating a cat is not everyone's cup of tea


11. When in trouble, blame the devil


12. Hide and seek was synonymous with mishaps


13. Siblings have a weird sense of humor


14. Imaginations ran wild


15. Cookies were serious business


16. Domestic work was not their cup of tea


17. Lies often left the realm of logic


18. As if it is difficult


19. Sometimes it was funny and heartwarming


20. Fiction was a serious affair


21. A know-it-all will keep their class on their toes


22. Don't lie. Everyone has done this.


23. Anything to be a part of the moment


24. Shyness is not always cute


25. Following instructions to the t


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