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25 tragically weird instances of people's New year's celebrations gone hilariously wrong

Spending New Year's alone may still be better than these 25 examples of celebrations gone hilariously wrong.

25 tragically weird instances of people's New year's celebrations gone hilariously wrong
Image Source: (L) Reddit | u/lyncreddit (R) Reddit | u/The_Gunterson

With the festive mood and in the holiday spirit, people are out celebrating endlessly. Right from Thanksgiving to Christmas and even the New Year, parties, family get-togethers and so much more have dawned in unique and fun-filled ways. With iconic traditions, meals, family discussions, friendly banter and more, the New Year has come in with much pomp and fervor. However, few haven't started on the note they intended to. While others are enjoying a peaceful, calm and decent celebration, others are having spontaneous, unplanned and reckless moments or even celebrations gone wrong.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

Whether it's a gate-crasher, a photo-bomber or even some behind-the-scenes, people have shared several glimpses of how their New Year celebrations have rung in rather differently. One may think their New Year celebrations haven't been great but these examples change one's mind. Expect crazy, hilarious and impromptu visuals as you enjoy these 25 mind-boggling images from all over social media.

1. When you're left out of the picture but take matters into your paws

Image Source: Reddit/u/surelyknott
Image Source: Reddit | u/surelyknott

 2. Wonder if that hurt

Image Source: Reddit/u/lyncreddit
Image Source: Reddit | u/lyncreddit

3. "Our dog has a new fireworks phobia thanks to the neighbor who just had to shoot illegal fireworks off above our house"

Image Source: Reddit/u/freebaer
Image Source: Reddit | u/freebaer

4. Everyone can guess why he'd hate couples 

Image Source: Reddit/u/theGunterson
Image Source: Reddit | u/theGunterson

5. When even the New Year doesn't want itself

Image Source: Reddit/u/amlozek
Image Source: Reddit | u/amlozek

6. Guess they were all on the floor

Image Source: Reddit/u/FeelsRightDesign
Image Source: Reddit | u/FeelsRightDesign

7. "I work the 3rd shift at a hotel. The guy argued he was staying in 227. We don't have a 227. He was at the wrong hotel. Happy New Year."

Image Source: Reddit/u/flint_mi
Image Source: Reddit | u/flint_mi

8. "Got this at about 10 pm last night. Hours before the New Year"

Image Source: Reddit/u/orihiou
Image Source: Reddit | u/orihiou

9. "The amount of rubbish left in Times Square after NYE"

Image Source: Reddit/u/thirdculturegirl
Image Source: Reddit | u/thirdculturegirl

10. Oh boy!


11. "Every New Year I make apple pie from scratch. 7 kinds of apples, butter crumb topping. This year it promptly exploded when I took it out of the oven"

Image Source: Reddit/u/QBusiness
Image Source: Reddit | u/QBusiness

12. "4- year- old girl hit in the shoulder with a falling bullet while enjoying fireworks"

Image Source: Reddit/u/callel55
Image Source: Reddit | u/callel55

13. "Shower screen shattered 1 am first day of the year. It's popping like popcorn on the floor"

Image Source: Even_Moose6853
Image Source: Reddit | u/Even_Moose6853

14. "On New Year's Eve, after people started going home from the party, a friend of mine passed out. We decided to have some fun by stacking cans on his head. 12!"

Image Source: Reddit/u/diffies
Image Source: Reddit | u/diffies

15. "Family has covid, the house hasn't had power for 8+ hours, and fridge is spoiled. Happy New Year."

Image Source: Reddit/u/snapthepigeon
Image Source: Reddit | u/snapthepigeon

16. There's always that one relative


17. "Stuck in Walmart on New Year's due to a tornado warning"

Image Source: Reddit/u/rjdrose
Image Source: Reddit | u/rjdrose

18. "Chipped my teeth 30 minutes into the New Year. Still smiling tho. The sucky thing is no dentist till the 2nd."

Image Source: Reddit/u/buzz-e-bee
Image Source: Reddit | u/buzz-e-bee

19. "New Year party goes wrong"

Image Source: Reddit/u/Kubatay
Image Source: Reddit | u/Kubatay

20. "Well, I guess there will be no pork and sauerkraut to start the new year"

Image Source: Reddit/u/Tmf24406
Image Source: Reddit | u/Tmf24406

21. "Our apartment flooded at 12:05 AM on New Year's Eve"

Image Source: Reddit/u/Maggie_T
Image Source: Reddit | u/Maggie_T

22. "First my car gets rear-ended on New Year's Day... now f**king Godzilla decided to rip a hole in my door!"

Image Source: Reddit/u/jdawg114
Image Source: Reddit | u/Embarrassed_Map1112

23. "Happy New Year to us. Someone smashed our brick mailbox"

Image Source: Reddit/u/jdawg114
Image Source: Reddit | u/jdawg114

24. "It's 10:00 pm PST and these party hearties are done"

Image Source: Instagram| @mamielauck
Image Source: Instagram | @mamielauck

25. "Neighbors were too lazy to properly clean up after NYE so they just swept their crap into the corridor"

Image Source: Reddit/u/QuIckCommentAccount
Image Source: Reddit | u/QuIckCommentAccount

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